New inventions and new retail sesame open the door

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On November 23, the press conference on the global listing of Wang Lizhi's automatic safety door was held in Shanghai. Start

this year's double 11, Wang Li's tmall flagship store achieved a proud result of breaking 100 million in only 20 hours. In this year's 618 mid year promotion and the double 11 shopping carnival, Wang Li's flagship store achieved a good result of more than 200 million, and it is also the only brand in the safety door industry with a sales volume of more than 100 million. Relying on the performance of e-commerce platforms, Wang Li, together with brands such as Xiaomi and Haier, won the 100 million yuan Club of tmall and stood out from the crowd

intelligent security liberates both hands, and the future life has come.

at the same time, the "sesame series" subverts not only the interior, but also the appearance. The national patented gold wood inlay technology changes the tradition of "steel tendon and iron bone" of the safety door and gives the safety door a new image of "wood outside and steel inside". In the future, the current situation of security doors will be rewritten, "sesame" will create a new "Facade" for consumers who pursue taste

new inventions join hands with new retail to bravely challenge big data

under the background that the popularity of smart phones has reached 80%, about 65% of consumers will choose to search and Research on major platforms, such as e-commerce such as tmall, before purchasing products. Information from the Internet is like the "eyes" of consumers. Self talk propaganda has gradually lost its function. Consumers only recognize products with high sales and good evaluation. Wang Li's "sesame" series will be tested by big data under the new retail model at the beginning of its launch. In the future, "sesame" will also use data to prove to consumers that no matter how good the advertisement is, it is not as reliable as the product itself

in terms of cashless payment, China has taken the lead in the world. In the future, in the field of home security, Wang Li security will also lead China's security door industry to take the lead in the world. Intelligent home security is the general trend. Wang Li security gathered a top research and development team of more than 100 people to make sesame fully automatic open and close the safety door. On the day of its birth, the product has become an industry benchmark, pointing out the way forward for Chinese safety door enterprises




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