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Jilin brother wood industry group and the research and development center of wood products manufacturing technology of the Academy of forestry jointly offer - brother intelligent wood removal door, release negative oxygen ions, remove nail, PM2.5, and refresh the world for you

in recent years, with the deterioration of the ecological environment, toxic and harmful gases such as decoration armour, automobile exhaust, PM2.5 seriously threaten people's health, leukemia, cancer and other malignant diseases are on the rise, and PM2.5 is even more disquieting for Chinese people

at the beginning of 2014, the brother intelligent health preserving wooden door, which was jointly developed by Jilin brother wood industry group and the wood products manufacturing technology research and development center of the Chinese Academy of forestry and took 15 months, came out. At the 13th China International Door Industry Exhibition in Beijing from March 11 to 14, this product immediately caused a great sensation and became the focus of the exhibition. An endless stream of merchants came to visit, consult, join or act as agents

according to the experts in charge of this technology, the intelligent health wooden door adopts the internationally advanced nano ion photocatalyst technology and intelligent program settings, which can quickly release negative ions in the air, deeply remove formaldehyde, PM2.5 and other harmful substances, and improve air quality

the system has a six fold filtering function. For the harmful gases in the air, such as floating dust, micro dust, smoke, pollen, bacteria, mold, virus, formaldehyde, stupid, radon, peculiar smell, it adopts the processes of filtration, adsorption, sterilization, purification, etc. among them, the purification rate of formaldehyde is more than 96%, and the decomposition rate of benzene homologues and TVOC is more than 90%; More than 98% of inhalable particles are removed, which can really purify the air, maintain health and protect the environment, and provide consumers with a fresh, healthy and safe home environment

experts also introduced that the negative oxygen ions released by the ecological gate can disinfect, sterilize, remove odor, neutralize harmful gases in the air, purify blood, improve lung function, improve myocardial function, promote metabolism, improve immunity and other effects. It can be described as a health expert in the family room. Therefore, the intelligent health wooden door is suitable for all kinds of people, especially sub-health people and office people

as the leading enterprise of northern wooden doors and the listed unit of the research and development center of wood products manufacturing technology of the Chinese Academy of forestry, brother group has always taken the benefit of hometown and return to the society as its own responsibility, and the production of health and environmental protection doors as the direction and persistent pursuit of the enterprise. With the development of brother and the enhancement of brand strength, brother's technological R & D strength and innovation awareness have also been significantly improved. Two years ago, the visionary chairman of the group, Liu Ying, prospectively invested a large amount of funds, gathered scientific research forces, and began a meaningful journey of eco door innovation and R & D

after hard exploration, practice and active research, in 2014, the intelligent formaldehyde removal wooden door with cross era significance finally came out, and soon applied for a number of national patents, filling the gap of domestic professional health care wooden door at one stroke, opening a new era in the field of intelligent wooden door in China. It can be said that the brother R & D team has witnessed today's miracle with strength

Liu Ying, chairman of brother group, has deep feelings about the advent of intelligent formaldehyde removal wooden doors, Avenue: "To be a low-carbon, environmental friendly and healthy family product is the unremitting pursuit of brothers." to be a century old brother and create a national brand "is the brothers' persistent dream. I hope brother health door can become a national brand and pride!

it is reported that in 2014, brother group will focus on building and launching intelligent formaldehyde removal series wooden doors, transforming scientific and technological achievements into productivity, and benefiting all mankind and thousands of families with healthy and environmentally friendly high-tech products Court





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