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MIMO information: the house will become old after a certain period of time, with yellow walls and aging lines. Many owners want to redecorate the house and carry out secondary decoration, but the cost and time of secondary decoration may be more than the initial decoration. So, what should we pay attention to when we carry out the secondary decoration? The demolition part mainly involves the demolition of old doors and windows, old ceilings, floor tiles, paint layers, plastering layers, and some non load-bearing walls and original facilities that change the house type pattern. The defect repair part mainly includes the indoor surface defects of the original building, the aging of various facilities and equipment, the unreasonable layout of hydropower pipelines and the lack of weak current equipment. These costs will vary according to the actual situation of the house and the different materials and processes. Many problems, such as wall decay, can be found only after the old surface is demolished. Therefore, the owner should be prepared in advance, and the home decoration company should also be informed in advance to reasonably change the costs at any time. Many houses were built earlier. At that time, the residential design was only to meet the simplest living requirements, and there was no more design for comfortable functions and facilities. Therefore, the secondary decoration paid more attention to the transformation and improvement of room functions, but this also made the secondary decoration more difficult. To solve this problem, families preparing for secondary decoration need to put forward reasonable transformation suggestions according to their own income level and the particularity of housing structure, and take comfort and sufficiency as the standard, and do what they can. The secondary decoration is basically carried out in residential areas and multi-storey residential buildings that have occupied a large number of residents, so the environment of decoration construction is more complex. Owners and decoration companies should give priority to the impact on neighbors in the construction process, not only the construction time, noise and smell, but also the defects of residential structure, the use of elevators, the transportation and storage of materials, the stacking and removal of garbage, and the impact of hydropower construction on other residents. In addition, some construction projects will also have a special impact on special groups such as the elderly, pregnant women and students. The owner and the decoration company should patiently coordinate these relationships. In addition, the overall construction time of the second decoration is generally 15 to 30 days longer than that of the first decoration. In particular, the owners who rent turnover houses outside must spare time to cope with the extension of the construction period caused by emergencies. There are some special precautions for the secondary decoration, mainly including: 1. Try to vacate the residence and reserve an operation site for the decoration construction. If it is really impossible to move away, you can negotiate with the decoration company to carry out fully enclosed packaging and place it in a position that will not affect the construction. 2. When demolishing and changing the doors and windows of the facade, we must obtain the consent of the property or housing management department of the community where we are located in advance, especially the residence facing the main street. 3. If you need to dismantle and change the wall or open new door and window openings due to the adjustment of indoor layout, you must not dismantle and change the load-bearing wall, because the load-bearing wall is related to the safety of the overall structure of the residence. The demolition of general walls also requires the consent of the property or housing management department in advance

4. Understand the laying direction, location and pipe diameter of residential water and electricity pipelines, and communicate with the home decoration company about the transformation plan. If there is a requirement to change the gas system, the gas department shall make the change. For some residential intelligent systems and prevention systems that have been installed, we must contact professional manufacturers or property owners in advance to take protective measures. 5. The neighbors should be informed in advance, and the elderly, children, pregnant women, patients with special requirements should be understood in advance, and the construction time should be discussed with them




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