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On February 2, the LLDPE warehouse receipt made a brief comment in the morning session

today, most of the PE market merchants return to the market, but the merchants are not interested in the market, mainly paying New Year's greetings. There is no obvious mainstream price in the market, and some merchants' tentative quotation is the same as that before the Spring Festival holiday. The supply of goods in the market is small, and the merchants place their hopes on the small peak season of plastic film in the later period. From the trend chart of the daily K-line, the 5-day moving average is subject to the physical aspects, and the moving average system is arranged in a long way, which is bullish in the future

I predict that after the holiday, the LLDPE warehouse receipt market, stimulated by Holiday factors and such circumstances for a long time, is dominated by a small upward trend. In fact, the growth is very stable

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