Brief comment on LLDPE warehouse receipt in early

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Brief comment on LLDPE warehouse receipt in early trading on December 16

today, the PE market price rose steadily about UL. At the same time, the operation and trading atmosphere of material tensile testing machine was general. Domestic petrochemical supply is still relatively small, and there are not many dealers in stock. It is obvious to speculate that the symmetry plane of the sample gap should be located on the symmetry plane of the two supports, and prices have been raised one after another. At present, the mainstream price in the market is RMB/ton. Today, the main force ll0901 opened low and went high. The main force faced off with long and short positions, and the buying was dominant. From the K-line trend chart, the 5-day moving average is subject to the entity, and the moving average system is arranged irregularly

I predict that the recent LLDPE warehouse receipt market is dominated by rising prices

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