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Application of pressure sensor in small coal bunker

for the 700t/h rotary kiln production line taken over by our company, the originally designed tail coal control system was carried out in the air swept mill. Due to the long pipeline for conveying pulverized coal to the calciner at the kiln tail, the tail coal control often lags behind the temperature at the kiln tail. In response to this phenomenon, our company has carried out technical transformation. After more than one year of practice, it has been proved that the problem of coal feeding lag at the kiln tail has been well solved

1 the process flow of pulverized coal feeding system at the kiln tail is shown in Figure 1. The tail coal control system has been moved to the top of the furnace where the three projects of 100000 tons of plate-shaped corundum, 100000 tons of fine molecular sieve and 600000 tons of environmental friendly adsorption new materials in phase I have entered the tail stage. A small coal bunker is made of iron plate, which is made into a weighing bunker by using pressure sensors to solve the problem of coal bunker measurement

2 structure and working principle of weighing silo

the silo is supported by three support points a, B and C) see Figure 1. A is the pressure sensor, B and C are the main force points, which are composed of short rotating shafts and V-shaped blocks, and are fixed on the support iron and frame. The inlet and outlet of the silo are all connected with the outside by 208 nylon bags. Four dust removal bags are installed on the top of the silo to remove the gas in the silo. The pressure sensor is externally connected to the digital display through the signal line

with the feeding or discharging of the silo, the quality of the silo increases or decreases, the silo will slightly rotate with the BC axis, and the pressure on point a will change accordingly. Therefore, the pressure will send an electrical signal to the digital display through the pressure sensor, and its change represents the increased or decreased quality in the silo, and the material level in the silo can also be mastered through the numbers on the display

3 design parameters of weighing bin

3.1 determine the size of pressure sensor

Ф The total mass of the 2.4m small coal bunker is about 9t after it is filled with materials. Each of the three supporting points of the coal bunker needs to bear 3T, so a 3T pressure sensor is selected

3.2 determine the position of the three support points

set the three points on the section circle in the middle of the silo, establish the X and Y axes, make point a as the support point of the pressure sensor, and the connecting line of points B and C is parallel to the Y axis. Let the intersection of B, C and X axis be o ', and the center of gravity of the silo be o point. Taking the o 'point as the fulcrum, according to the lever principle, it is obtained that OO' x9= (OO '+oa) x3

substitute oa=1.2m, that is, OO' =0.6m. To ensure that the range of the pressure sensor (3T) is not exceeded in use, OO '=0.5m is taken. After positioning, weld as shown in Figure 2

4 weighing operation

after all parts are welded, connect the pressure sensor with the digital display with a signal line (the digital display is installed in the wind swept mill), turn on the power, and write down the number displayed at this time, which is thanks to the long service life of the equipment s1, Then fill the weighing bin with materials through the screw transfer pump. With the input of pulverized coal, the number will increase. After the bin is full, write down the number at this time as S2!, Difference between two numbers Δ S is the total mass of input

put the pulverized coal in the bunker outward. When the number to be displayed is 10 less than S2, stop discharging, weigh the tonnage of the discharged pulverized coal as G, and then the mass represented by each unit of the digital display instrument is g=g/10. When the warehouse is full, there is g Δ S pulverized coal. During use, when the display number is s, the mass s of pulverized coal in the bunker is (s-S1) XG. Set the upper limit of the instrument to S2!, It is interlocked with the motor of the screw transfer pump. When S2 is displayed, the motor stops working, avoiding the overflow of pulverized coal caused by human factors

5 precautions and use effect

1) This heavy warehouse is not applicable to large material warehouses with more than 60t. Because the mass is too large, the short rotating shaft does not rotate flexibly in the V-groove, affecting the accuracy

2) the measurement of weighing bin is rough and cannot be used for accurate measurement

3) the pressure sensor only bears the force in the vertical direction. Pay attention to protection

4) the accuracy of measurement will be affected after the material is stuck on the silo wall. A vibrator can be installed at the lower part of the silo and vibrated once a shift

after more than one year of use, our company has shown that the investment is small (only more than 1000 yuan is invested). This product is the most ideal test instrument for the mechanical property test of metal materials. It has the advantages of small maintenance, accurate and stable measurement, and there is no phenomenon of pulverized coal overflow and the production affected by the broken tail coal. There is no need to set up a separate post for this post, and the operators of other posts can work part-time, which reduces the labor intensity of workers and ensures the normal progress of production

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