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Application of power electronics technology in environmental protection

application of inverter and PLC in pit water treatmentliuhui, Zhang Qing fan (Shandong University, Jinan 250061) abstract: this pap can significantly improve the forming speed of parts This system is controlled by inverter and PLC, and intelligent thyristor module is used as non-contact controller of pump. These measures strengthen industry experts believe that advance and stability of the system This system is a typical application of Power Electronics Technology in environmental conservation. Key word: inverter power electronics PLC 1 Introduction with the development of power electronics technology with semi simultaneous conductor power devices as the core and the rapid development of control technology represented by computers, the applications of power electronics technology, frequency converter technology, and PLC have gone deep into all aspects of industrial production and social life. The automatic control system of mine water treatment is mainly used for the treatment of mine water and iron mine water. The treated water can meet the drinking water standard, which not only solves the serious environmental pollution caused by the direct discharge of mine water, but also solves the problem of lack of water resources faced by many mines. Since most of the mine water after treatment is used as domestic drinking water before the experiment, the friction times required by the experimental specifications or set by the operator are output to control the fragmentary water. In order to ensure the effluent quality and the normal and reliable operation of the whole water treatment system, all processes in the water treatment process realize intelligent automatic control; Realize automatic monitoring of the whole process of system operation. 2. Process flow and requirements for the control system. The mine water is pumped to the pre sedimentation regulating tank by the underground pump, and then can be used as industrial water after applying coagulant, flocculant and filter sedimentation and filtration. After chlorination, it can reach the standard of drinking water. The process flow of mine water treatment is as follows:


put forward the following requirements for the control system according to the process flow: 1 Monitor the facilities and equipment of the whole water treatment station. 2. The lifting pump performs automatic switching. At the same time, the three lifting pumps are interlocked with the liquid level of the regulating pool, and the pump stops automatically at low liquid level. 3. The sewage tank and collecting tank shall be automatically stopped and opened. 4. The upper computer realizes data processing, summarization and printing. When the upper computer fails, PLC can run independently from the upper computer. 5. The liquid level of regulating tank, sludge tank, collecting tank and clean water tank shall be monitored. 6. All monitored water levels, liquid levels and drug levels are dynamically and continuously displayed in the central control room. 7. All measured data are centrally displayed in the central control room. 8. When the main facilities and equipment of the water treatment process fail, the failure display, alarm and shutdown are realized in the central control room. 9. The total water inlet and the water output of the valveless filter are monitored and centrally displayed in the central control room. 10. According to the requirements of water treatment process, monitor the turbidity at the outlet of lift pump and valveless filter, and it is required that the effluent turbidity of valveless filter is ≤ 3 degrees. C. The dosage of PAM can be automatically adjusted in real time according to the changes of water quality and quantity, so as to achieve the best treatment effect. 12. The dosing tank is equipped with a liquid level gauge. The changes of the two dosing quantities can be displayed digitally in the centralized control room, and the liquid level of the mixer and the dosing tank are interlocked. 13. Realize automatic sludge discharge according to the concentration of slime in the hydraulic circulating clarifier. 14. Realize automatic chlorination according to the amount of water entering the clean water tank, and monitor the residual chlorine at the outlet of the clean water tank. The residual chlorine content is required to be less than 1mg/l and greater than 0.3mg/l. 15. The inlet valve of the clean water tank is interlocked with the automatic chlorination pump. 3 composition and working principle of the control system this system is a typical distributed upper and lower level control intelligent monitoring system. The whole control system is divided into four relatively independent subsystems, which can operate independently. The system is equipped with an upper computer, which connects all subsystems through the communication bus. The upper computer can monitor the working condition of each unit in real time; Record and store the status and data of the operation process; Compile the recorded data into various statistical statements and reports. System composition block diagram the upper computer system is converted by adding 485 communication interface to the industrial computer host

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