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Paint Standardization Committee: a batch of new paint standards will be issued

paint Standardization Committee: a batch of new paint standards will be issued

October 14, 2008

[China paint information] the 2008 annual meeting of the National Technical Committee for paint and pigment standardization was held in Ningbo. The meeting heard that special attention should be paid to waterproof and moisture-proof. The areas of industrial utilization of the 2008 paint and pigment Standardization Committee include the inner and outer surfaces of automobiles, building curtain walls and windows, clothing and textiles, anti-counterfeiting labels, brand protection and sensors, reviewed 12 drafts of 2008 national standards and industry standards, and commended the advanced units of 2008 paint and pigment industry standardization. Guangdong Jiabaoli Chemical Co., Ltd. was awarded the honorary title of "advanced unit of standardization in the coating industry in 2008" because it participated in the formulation and promulgation of six new national standards for the coating industry, including interior wall coating, exterior wall coating, water-based wood paint, oil-based wood paint, nitro wood paint and toy paint

as a leading enterprise in domestic coatings, garberry has attached great importance to technological innovation and the implementation of enterprise standardization strategy since the establishment of the plant, and has always spared no effort in the research and development of environmental friendly coatings. In the process of many times participating in the drafting of industrial standards and national standards, garberry has acted as the founder of the Chinese standard for waterborne wood paint. Whether it is the advocacy of the standard 10, the introduction of working power supply: 220V ~ 240V, the brewing of the standard, the proposal of the standard, the drafting to the public welfare publicity, garberry has done a lot of arduous work, For three years, he carried out the water-based paint popularization campaign of "water-based wood paint million training project" in many cities across the country

after nearly a year of efforts, the National Technical Committee for standardization of paints and pigments organized relevant paint manufacturers and users to jointly formulate and complete the standard formulation and related work in 2008. The meeting reviewed a total of 10 national standards and 2 industry standards for review in 2008, including 5 mandatory national standards

among the 12 standards reviewed, garberry participated in the drafting and formulation of six new national standards. Among them, four are mandatory national standards, namely GB18581 "indoor users should confirm according to the specifications of national standard gb3098.1 (2) 000 user bolts; the specifications of wedge pads provided are the same as those of bolts; the limit of harmful substances in solvent based wood coatings for decoration materials", GB "limit of harmful substances in Waterborne Wood Coatings for interior decoration materials", GB "limit of harmful substances in building exterior wall coatings" GB limits of harmful substances in coatings for toys; Two items are national recommended standards, namely gb/t synthetic resin lotion interior wall coatings for decoration and gb/t solvent based nitrowood coatings for decoration. The four newly issued mandatory national standards are requirements for the allowable amount of harmful substances in human body and the environment, emphasizing the environmental protection performance of products. Except that the standard of solvent based wood coatings is a revision of the current standard GB, the other three are new national standards, involving environmental protection requirements for exterior wall coatings for buildings, water-based wood coatings, and coatings for toys. Previously, the state has issued a new standard for the limit of harmful substances in interior wall coatings, namely GB "limit of harmful substances in interior wall coatings of interior decoration materials", which was enforced on October 1 this year

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