Application of the hottest PowerMILL in NC milling

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The application of PowerMILL in NC milling of taper thread

NC milling of thread is widely used in practical processing because of its high processing efficiency, low tool cost and high-quality and reliable thread processing quality. As we all know, thread milling requires CNC machine tools to have spiral interpolation function, that is, to allow the tool to move along the spiral line. A spiral motion is to make a circular motion in a plane while moving on a straight line perpendicular to the plane. Because the hole diameter of taper thread changes with the depth of thread, the calculation of machining points is complex, and the programming is difficult. The programming of NC program has high requirements for programmers. PowerMILL is a professional NC machining programming software developed by British Delcam PLC. It has the characteristics of powerful functions and rich machining strategies. It is widely used in aerospace industry, automobile, shipbuilding, household appliances, light industrial products, mold manufacturing and other industries. Taking the 2-11 1/2npt American sealing conical internal thread as an example, this problem is easily solved by using PowerMILL finishing strategy

the first step is to model according to the 2-11 1/2npt size of the American sealing conical internal thread. There is no need to make a three-dimensional shape of the thread, but only make a conical hole according to the size of the bottom hole of the thread, which provides great convenience for programming and modeling. As shown in Figure 1

step 2: select the best equal high precision machining strategy of PowerMILL, set the tool as end mill, and control the thread depth by changing the size of the tool diameter; Row spacing controls thread pitch; Select the spiral and closed offset control tool processing path to be continuous in the taper hole; Adopt the processing method from top to bottom, select the direction to control the thread direction, and the reverse milling is the right-hand thread. The optimal contour precision machining strategy parameters are shown in Figure 2, and the tool machining path is shown in Figure 3

the third step is to generate the NC program by using the machine tool post. Generally known as high-strength bolt, the procedure is as follows:



N2 G40

N3 g54n4 G17

N4 G90

N5 G71

N6 M05

N7 T3 M06

N8 s2200 M03

N9 g54

N10 G00 x0.0 y0.0 f15000 M08 <./p>

n11 z50.0

n12 x1.778 y-17.609

n13 z5.0

n14 G01 z1.686 f100

7.1.1 product inspection is divided into factory inspection and type inspection

n15 x1.589 y-17.631 z1.683 f120

N16 x1.588

n17 x0.788 y-17.685 z1.667

n a total of 3762 enterprises were introduced, 18 x0.787

n19 x0.001 y-17.703 z1.651

n20 x0.0

n21 x-0.787 y-17.685 z1.635


n8582 x1.851 y-16.055 5 z-49.116

n8583 x1.85

n8584 x1.631 y-16.076 z-49.12

n8584 x0 y0

n8585 G00 z100.0 f15000

n8586 m09

n8587 t0 m6

n8589 G00 b0.0 c0.0

n85 90 M30


at the same time, the above method of NC milling taper thread has the advantages of simple model modeling, convenient adjustment of NC processing parameters, simple and easy to understand processing methods, which better solves the problem of NC milling taper thread processing programming. This processing method is also applicable to the processing of other types of threads

at present, our factory has successfully completed the processing of American sealed conical internal thread 2-1 11/2npt, 1-11 1/2npt and American unified thread 1 1/2-12-unf, 1 3/8-12-unf on Beisan CNC drilling and milling machine zh5120c and demaji dmg50v CNC milling machines. The thread processing quality fully meets the requirements of the part drawing. (end)

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