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Tight supply global titanium dioxide manufacturers continue to raise prices

due to the tight global supply of titanium dioxide and increasing demand, the world's major titanium dioxide manufacturers have continuously raised product prices recently. Kronos, headquartered in the United States, announced that the price of titanium dioxide in Asia, Latin America and Africa will be increased by $200/ton from August 1. The reason for the price increase is the rapid growth of titanium dioxide demand in these regions. DuPont and tenor also announced that the price of titanium dioxide products sold in the above regions increased by $150 ~ 175/ton. In addition, the above three companies and Huntsman also announced that the price of titanium dioxide products in North America has increased by 8 cents/pound since June 1

according to a paint manufacturer in the United States, the increase in exports to Asia has exacerbated the tight supply situation in the titanium dioxide Market in the United States. Xuanwei Williams, an American paint manufacturer, pointed out that due to the shortage of upstream pigment and resin raw materials, American paint prices are facing rising pressure. The American traffic safety service association pointed out in a report released in June that there was a serious shortage of titanium dioxide and other raw materials for the production of road coatings, including epoxy resin and thermoplastic road marking paint. In early July, the price of titanium dioxide in North America was $1.22 ~ 1.39/lb, up 5 cents/lb from June; The price of titanium dioxide in Asia is US $2550 ~ 2700/ton (cost and freight)

the world's major suppliers of titanium dioxide predict that the global demand for titanium dioxide will increase by 8% - 10% this year, reaching 5million tons, and will return to the level of demand before the economic recession. Among them, China has become a net importer of titanium dioxide, and the demand is expected to reach 1.35 million to 1.61 million tons in 2010. In December 2009, the European Commission reported that the global consumption of titanium dioxide decreased by 5% compared with 2007-2008, and decreased by 15% year-on-year in the first half of 2009. In January this year, the U.S. Geological survey pointed out in its report that the global production of titanium dioxide pigments with elastic deformation decreased significantly in 2009 due to the sharp reduction in demand in the construction and automotive industries. The output of titanium dioxide pigments in the United States in 2009 was about 1.04 million tons, a decrease of 15% from 1.22 million tons in 2008. According to statistics, the production capacity of titanium dioxide pigments in the United States in 2009 was about 1.34 million tons

in fact, the main reason for the decline of global titanium dioxide pigment production in 2009 was that many titanium dioxide pigment plants were closed or temporarily idle. For example, the 110000 ton/year plant in Savannah, Georgia, was idle, and the 50000 ton/year plant in Baltimore, Maryland, was closed. Taking the Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway as an example, tenor, the third largest titanium dioxide manufacturer in the world, applied for bankruptcy protection, which also affected the market. According to Jefferies & Co, an American investment company, tenor accounts for 11% of the global titanium dioxide production capacity. At present, DuPont is still the largest titanium dioxide manufacturer in the world, accounting for about 21% of the global production capacity. Cristal, headquartered in Saudi Arabia, accounts for 13% of the global production capacity, and huntsman and Kronos each account for 10% of the global production capacity. In the first quarter of 2009, the experimental principle of Vicat softening point experimental machine Huntsman must carefully consider the 40000 t/a production plant located in Grimsby, UK when shutting down customers to buy experimental machines, and Cristal company has also shut down the 150000 T/a device in stalling borough for two months since March 2009

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