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Packaging dust prevention needs systematic consideration

packaging dust prevention is not worth mentioning

packaging, if the function of dust prevention cannot be achieved, is it still called packaging

indeed, with the continuous development of packaging technology, packaging dust prevention seems to have taken for granted, which is neither a hot spot nor a trend. Everyone knows the importance of dust prevention, but if we want to discuss the problem of packaging dust prevention, it is not enough to even mention it

in the early stage of the development of packaging technology, pure manual operation, pure natural packaging materials, and poor sealing performance of packaging, dust prevention may be the main problem at that time. With the continuous emergence of various new packaging materials and packaging technologies, all kinds of new packaging are simply dizzying

packaging materials from the original natural materials, to paper packaging, cloth packaging, glass packaging, gold can be directly used in printing industrial parts packaging, plastic packaging, and new packaging of various special materials; Packaging has developed from a single protection or protection function at the beginning to a variety of special functions, such as heat insulation, preservation, refrigeration, freezing, moisture-proof, rust prevention, antifouling, UV protection and so on. Various new packaging technologies, such as vacuum packaging, active packaging, aseptic packaging, heat shrinkable packaging, high barrier packaging and so on, have been continuously developed, which not only solves the problem of dust prevention of products, but also realizes functionalization. At the same time, the decorative function of packaging has become an important part of product introduction and corporate image publicity

despite the continuous development of packaging technology, the application field of packaging is also more and more extensive, and the problem of dust prevention of packaging should be solved well enough. But is it really not worth mentioning that the packaging is dustproof

multiple links of packaging dust prevention

although the progress of packaging technology can not solve all the packaging needs, the dust prevention effect of packaging should be satisfactory. However, if we carefully consider the whole process of packaging circulation, we will find that what we can be satisfied with is the sealing of the packaging to the product itself. In fact, the dust prevention of packaging is not only the dust prevention of the contents of packaging, but also many issues need to be considered

packaging material production link

packaging materials used in food, beverage, medical and health products must meet the requirements of relevant food packaging standards, and have high requirements for the production environment. Generally, it is required to produce in a dust-free and sterile environment. Although the production environment is slightly worse than that of the food industry, compared with general industrial products, the environmental requirements are much more stringent. This is the first step of dust prevention in packaging. Perhaps, you will ask, before the packaging is put into use, it still needs to be dusted and sterilized, so why bother? Due to the different application fields of packaging materials, different preparation methods, and different sterilization and dust removal processes, if the material production process cannot be strictly controlled, the micro dust adhering to the packaging wall may not be eliminated in the dust removal process, and enter the packaging, causing content pollution; Even if it does not dissolve into the product, it will affect the appearance of the product

product packaging link

higher requirements in the packaging process of food, beverage and pharmaceutical products. If there is no good dust-free environment in the packaging process, the best packaging can not achieve good dust-proof effect. Due to the high cost of building a dust-free environment, some small food factories and beverage factories do not have a dust-free production environment at all, let alone dust-free control in the process. Simply having a dust-free environment is not enough. It also requires that all raw materials, raw material packaging, product packaging, production process and operators entering the production process meet the requirements of dust-free. If one item fails, the product will be dirty. Since the packaging is generally not produced by the same manufacturer, dust may be adsorbed on the packaging during intermediate transportation and transfer. Therefore, comprehensive disinfection and dust prevention treatment are usually required when entering the production process

product transportation link

even if the packaging link in the early stage of production is completely dust-free, the packaging and transportation process may also cause dust pollution. For example, the paper packaging is severely bumped and bumped during transportation, or the packaging is broken due to various reasons, which will cause dust pollution during transportation. In addition, some packages that seem to be strictly sealed will still have some fine dust infiltrating into them after long-term storage, affecting the product packaging. For some products with special sealing performance requirements, specially designed functional packaging is often required, such as special materials, composite materials, multi-layer packaging, barrier packaging, etc

product use link

completely solving the dust prevention problem in the production and transportation links does not mean that we can rest easy. We will still face the inconvenience caused to users due to poor design consideration. For example, the resealing of large cans of drinks after they are not used up at one time, the sealing and dust prevention of bottle mouths, sucking holes, etc. Sometimes the dustproof problem of the outer packaging, such as the sealing problem of cans, Tetra Pak with jacks, and various tear open large packaging, is also often ignored by the packaging design

after careful consideration, there are actually many problems to be solved in the dust prevention of packaging

new technology of packaging dust prevention

some manufacturers have made special technical development in consideration of some details while developing packaging technology, which can be said to be unique. While solving the packaging problem, it also brings special benefit growth to enterprises

dust cap, which can effectively solve the problem of dust prevention at the sucking mouth

another unique feature of graphene is "zero penetration" - all gases and liquids cannot penetrate the push-pull "Sports" beverage bottle cap designed and produced by Portola packaging company in China, for example, which has been commercially used in their carbonated bottled water packaging by New Zealand Pepsi

push pull "Sports" beverage bottle cap is a kind of anti-theft bottle cap, which is designed with two anti lifting belts, one around the bottleneck and the other around the bottle mouth. The beverage bottle cap is provided with a "sucking" bottle mouth. When the sucking mouth is pulled up, the sucking neck will break the first opening belt. This is the patented design of Portola packaging company. You can know whether the beverage bottle has been opened at a glance, so as to provide consumers with quality and safety assurance without shrinking and sealing processes. In particular, a special dust cover is designed on the sucking mouth to protect and prevent dust

four weeks after its launch in the New Zealand beverage market, the sales volume of Pepsi carbonate with this kind of push-pull sports bottle cap jumped to the first place, overwhelming all other beverages

active dust-proof technology

klerk company has developed an active dust-proof greenhouse film, which can effectively prevent dust accumulation on the surface of the greenhouse film. Klerk realizes this function by adding dustproof agent in the film production process. Similarly, some manufacturers add a new type of dust-proof agent to the car surface when waxing, so as to achieve the anti-static and dust-proof effect of the car surface. The same technology can also be applied to various packaging products, so as to achieve the purpose of dust prevention of outer packaging

in fact, by using anti-static technology, the dust-proof effect of the outer surface of the product can be improved to a certain extent

constantly developing new dust-proof technologies and giving more consideration to consumers has undoubtedly become a new perspective to promote market growth

systematic dust prevention

specific new dust prevention technologies can only solve the dust prevention technology at a certain stage of packaging. The requirement of dust-proof technology is actually a systematic project. We start from the perspective of users, step by step, and achieve dust-free whole process control

user use: for example, starting from the sucking port that we are most likely to ignore, we design a special dust-proof structure; For large packages, the secondary sealing structure and dust-proof structure should be designed while considering anti-counterfeiting; The development of these technologies will undoubtedly increase consumers' sense of trust and security in the product

transportation and storage: in order to ensure the safety of packaging during transportation, packaging materials are required to have sufficient strength, stiffness and toughness, and the parts in contact with the contents should not be fragile. Special attention should also be paid to the protection of external packaging during transportation and storage. For example, the cartons used by some manufacturers for cans are of low quality. Sometimes the outer packaging is simply opened when placed in shopping malls, which is difficult to meet the dust-proof requirements. When we drink all kinds of cans, if we drink them directly or pour them into other containers jointly built by the center, it is inevitable that the drinks will come into contact with the outer surface of cans and cause pollution. Decojet film based solution is adopted

production process: large beverage, food and pharmaceutical enterprises have anti bacteria and anti dust technologies that meet the safety and health requirements, which can realize the dust control in the production process. The most critical is the interaction between packaging production equipment and transportation and other related equipment. The efficiency and frequency of air renewal equipment in the workshop are important factors to ensure a clean environment

packaging materials: for the production of packaging materials with special hygiene requirements, relevant departments have special requirements, such as the production of drinking water barrels, the food hygiene department has specific regulations, and there are strict requirements for the production environment, but the dust and bacteria prevention grades are different from those of the food industry. The actual problem to be solved is to strictly implement the standards in the production process. Only by strictly implementing the relevant standards and production process requirements can we truly realize the dust-free control of packaging materials

in a word, the dust-proof problem of packaging is not a trivial matter, and many factors need to be considered. To truly realize dust-free packaging, it is even a work that requires considerable investment. (end)

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