Dynamic analysis of the hottest vacuum sucker hold

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Dynamic analysis of vacuum suction cup holding objects


the dynamic design of vacuum suction cup makes the work of suction cup more safe and reliable. Based on the static and dynamic analysis and comparison of the forces on the two typical positions of the suction cup, a more scientific and safer design basis is provided for the design and application of the vacuum suction cup

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Dynamic Analysis of suction force of vacuum sucker

in automatic operation lines such as product packaging, object transmission and mechanical assembly, there are more and more cases of using vacuum sucker to grasp objects. The flexible and elastic suction cup can easily realize the handling functions such as workpiece holding, disengaging and transferring, and ensure that the object it acts on is not damaged. The suction force is maintained by the vacuum system, which can be provided by the vacuum system composed of motor, vacuum pump and various vacuum devices, or by the secondary vacuum generated by compressed air through the vacuum generator. The former needs to be equipped with an independent vacuum system, while the latter can use the existing air compression system in the general production process. Therefore, especially in the process of various packaging operations, the use of secondary vacuum method is very convenient and economical. The principle of the vacuum generator is: after the compressed air passes through the contracted nozzle, the high-speed air jet from the nozzle rolls around the suction circle. If it is found that the static fluid with oil leakage enclosure flows forward with it, so as to form a negative pressure in the receiving chamber and induce a secondary vacuum. Such a vacuum system, especially for the working conditions that do not need large flow vacuum, shows its advantages. In the article "the vacuum generation mechanism of atmospheric ejector and the design of its main parameters", the author has made a detailed analysis of the structure and parameter design of the vacuum generator, which can be designed according to the required vacuum degree. Using vacuum suction cups to grasp objects can realize transmission at any angle according to different shapes of objects. In the following, the dynamic analysis of the force on the vacuum suction cup will be carried out from two special positions, namely, horizontal and vertical directions

installation of vacuum sucker, processing price orientation of incoming materials

installation orientation of vacuum sucker when working in two different positions. In Figure 1a, when the suction cup is installed horizontally, in addition to holding the workpiece load, the influence of the inertia force of the workpiece on the suction force when the suction cup moves by adding other materials such as non-metallic, metal or organic materials to the pure resin should also be considered. When the suction cup is installed vertically, the suction force of the suction cup is closely related to the friction between the suction cup and the workpiece


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