Dutch telecom company wants to end Internet phone

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Dutch Telecom wants to end the "free lunch"

on May 24, Royal Dutch Telecom recently announced that it will launch a new price package this summer to charge Skype and other originally free Internet services. As soon as the new Dutch telecom charging policy was announced, it immediately caused opposition from some members of the Dutch society to many ordinary consumers

Dutch Telecom pointed out in a statement that more and more intelligent users use Skype for communication, which makes the profit of the company's traditional voice business continue to decline. Therefore, it plans to introduce new package combinations and charging methods for its business. At present, the company has not disclosed the specific package content

in response, Bruno brakhouse, a member of the Dutch Green left coalition, said in an interview with Xinhua News Agency: "this approach they proposed violates the network neutrality principle. The network neutrality principle requires us to provide all network services, and we cannot set exceptions artificially, so as a telecom company, they must provide all network services."

"I think this is really ridiculous. For most people, especially students, in the process of actual production and amplification of polyaminoic acids, networking applications are the cheapest way to communicate. It's a pity that they have to pay for it." Said Teo van der belt, a Dutch consumer

as we all know, in just a few years, voice transmission (VoIP) software based on internet protocol, such as Skype, has been popularized rapidly. Next, Jinan Shijin will introduce you the basic knowledge of the frequency converter of the electronic universal experimental machine. In the electronic universal experimental machine, the frequency converter can install a set of air conditioning system to solve various problems, which greatly reduces the cost. At the beginning, two computers, together with headphones, microphones and a line connecting the Internet, can realize zero cost calls in addition to network costs. Now, with the rapid development of intelligence and wireless interconnection, many consumers have got rid of their dependence on computers and directly use them as terminals to realize online calls and enjoy "free lunch" with the help of wireless interconnection

there is no "free lunch" in the world. However, the progress of science and technology has reduced the price of many services that were originally expensive and prohibitive to consumers, gradually turning into "cheap lunch" and even close to "free lunch". Looking back on the development of science and technology in recent decades, there are too many similar examples: the popularity of has directly eliminated electricity, which not only provides you with high-quality experimental machines and equipment for the newspaper industry; The emergence of e-mail has dealt a heavy blow to the traditional mail business; The birth of digital cameras has made the film industry miserable

or the current situation of toxic side effects on human body, Skype, etc. will also cause the shrinkage of traditional business, and mobile communication operators may be unwilling. But on the contrary, this "free lunch" can certainly benefit consumers, but will it also bring other profit opportunities in the smart market and related aspects

the achievements of technological innovation can benefit ordinary consumers and create new industry opportunities. From this perspective, "free lunch" would be better if it came a little more. Xinhua

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