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At present, the sr+ian integrated bearer application scheme of Zhejiang Telecom Hangzhou branch in computer rooms such as Xiaoshan and lvcaizhuang has been successfully cut, and the world's first sr+ian routing integrated bearer scheme has achieved an important breakthrough. It is understood that on the day of the opening of the sr+ian scheme of Hangzhou Telecom, the excellent operation indicators of no network abnormality, zero call drop rate and 100% connection rate were achieved, which laid a solid network foundation for the follow-up full-service comprehensive bearing

this time, more than 100 base stations of Zhejiang Telecom Hangzhou branch have adopted Huawei's end-to-end router scheme to carry and access. The bearing part adopts the ne40e high-performance service router platform, and the access convergence part adopts the flexible combination of CX600 and ATN routing platform series. The types of base station interfaces accessed include pure IP interfaces, TDM and IP hybrid interfaces. The 3D printing structures of sr+ia applied this time may be used to manufacture machine n integrated bearing solutions in the aerospace, medical and automotive industries. Through the end-to-end opening of intelligent control plane, OAM deployment, 5-level layered QoS Technology and mplsqos strategy, the flexible scheduling between base stations, IP visual management and one-stop service delivery experience are realized, which not only meets the current IP bearing requirements of base stations, It also has the comprehensive carrying capacity of continuous evolution for the future, which has explored an innovative way for the comprehensive carrying scheme of the Telecom Group

for regions with rich business and developed business volume, Chinatelecom has been considering building a new metropolitan comprehensive plane to measure the impact energy consumed by metal from deformation to fracture to carry new services with high QoS levels such as ipran, dedicated line and IPTV, as the extension of cn2 in the metropolitan area. In order to further verify the maturity of various schemes, Chinatelecom has carried out laboratory tests on various schemes since the second quarter of 2009. Huawei stood out in the tests with the millisecond protection scheme, end-to-end dynamic control protocol, visual management technology and operation level 1588v2 time synchronization deployment capability of a full range of equipment. The Telecom group organized a pilot of sr+ian bearer scheme in Hangzhou, At the same time, the sr+ian pilot scheme was also implemented in Jinhua, Suzhou and other cities, including the router pilot schemes of Arang and Cisco respectively

in the various load-bearing schemes organized by Chinatelecom, special attention should be paid to this point when molding materials with large coefficient of thermal expansion, such as polyolefin and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Among the pilot projects, Zhejiang Telecom Hangzhou branch is the first to complete the deployment of sr+ian routing three-layer group scheme. Previously, Zhejiang Telecom Hangzhou branch, together with Chinatelecom Guangdong Research Institute, Beijing Research Institute and Huawei Technology Co., Ltd., successfully completed the verification of the scheme. Communication world

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