Dynamic express of the hottest polyester chip mark

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Polyester chip market dynamic Express - Shengze chemical fiber Market (03.09)

business agency, March 10

PTA and MEG prices continue to adjust to ensure the stability of process conditions. The low price of semi gloss and bright polyester chips has disappeared, the price of CDP chips has been temporarily adjusted, and the price of polyester bottle chips still depends on major talent introduction projects such as Taishan industry leading talent project and the double hundred foreign experts program. On the market, the spot transaction price of semi-finished slices is 6900 yuan/ton, which will be accepted and delivered in March. The mainstream of cash is generally 6800 yuan/ton. The spot transaction price of Youguang slice is 7050 yuan/ton, and it will be delivered in a short distance in three months. The mainstream cash is generally 6950 yuan/ton. The spot transaction price of CDP slice Market is yuan/ton, and it will be accepted and delivered within six months. The price of ore in polyester bottle is relatively stable; Recently, the transaction price of the film market is generally 7500 yuan/t

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