8 life-saving tools that cremation workers must kn

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8 life-saving tools that chemical workers must know

8 life-saving tools that chemical workers must know

March 4, 2019

chemical industry has installed many safety devices in the design and construction of chemical plants in order to prevent or reduce accidents because of the high risk of pressure vessels and materials in its production. These safety devices have become the life-saving tools of our chemical workers at the critical moment. Do you have all the 8 life-saving tools introduced below in your factory

the indication value of safety valve, vent pipe and recovery pipe will be high; On the contrary, the bypass pipe (valve) is equipped with side channels on the production feed and discharge pipes in the chemical automation device. The main functions of setting the bypass pipe are: first, to meet the needs of centralized control operation to start the diverse layout of overseas production capacity; Second, meet the safety requirements to a greater extent; The third is to meet the needs of continuous production of the device

the bypass pipe is usually set on the upper part of the automatic regulating valve. During the operation of the device, when the automatic regulating valve of the instrument is normally used, it is in a normally closed state. When the automatic regulating valve fails or is overhauled, close the overhaul valves on both sides and open the bypass valve, so that continuous production can be achieved. When the equipment fails and the reaction is out of control, the bypass pipe valve can also be used to divert water, control the situation and reduce the risk

emergency shut-off valve emergency shut-off valve is an important safety device in automatic production device. In case of abnormal production or accidents, the device control room can directly cut off the feeding valve through remote control

the emergency shut-off valve is generally set on the feed pipe of the more dangerous device, with maintenance valves on both sides

safety accessories such as safety valve, vent pipe, recovery pipe and flare are important safety accessories in the pressure device. When the reaction or pressure in the device exceeds a certain value, the safety valve will automatically open for pressure relief or venting. The action pressure of the safety valve is adjusted according to the requirements of the device

to ensure the venting of materials, vent pipes and recovery pipes are installed on the safety valve to recycle the vented materials into the material tank (tank) for storage or vent to the flare for incineration. However, some enterprises with backward production technology or poor production conditions do not set up recovery pipes and vent directly in case of accidents, which may lead to combustion and explosion or expand accident disasters

explosion-proof membrane the metal sheet set on the pressure relief hole of the pressure device is called explosion-proof membrane. When the pressure of the device exceeds a certain value, the metal sheet bursts to achieve the purpose of pressure relief protection device. Since a large amount of punching (spraying) will occur after the bursting of the fire-proof membrane, which poses a greater danger to the device

The implementation of the "plastic restriction order" does not seem to be "in vain" as the report said.

therefore, generally, a vent recovery pipe is installed on the blowdown film to recover the materials rushed out after the explosion-proof mold burst to the tank (tank) or vent to the flare for incineration. But for some devices with poor production conditions, 4. Components and parts should be inspected regularly: no vent recovery pipe should be installed. Some devices are equipped with double-layer explosion-proof membranes, and data acquisition devices are installed between the explosion-proof membranes to increase the safety of the reaction

data acquisition device in order to control process parameters, improve the quality and efficiency of chemical production, and also for production safety, general production equipment is equipped with data acquisition and sampling devices for temperature, pressure, materials (products) and other data in different parts of the device. These devices provide operators and controllers with real data. The failure of the data acquisition device will pose a great threat to production safety

nitrogen and steam purging system most chemical plants are installed with nitrogen and steam purging systems. The pipes of these systems are closely connected with the plant. When the production process requires, the nitrogen or steam system can be opened automatically or manually to serve the production process

when the equipment is under emergency repair, the device can be purged and replaced to provide safety guarantee for emergency repair; In case of device failure or accident, the pipeline can be purged, the gasification can be accelerated, the flow rate can be increased, and the material deposition and blockage can be prevented. The material can be diluted, the concentration can be reduced, the reaction can be slowed down, or the material can be protected by pressurization. It can also be used as the diluent and extinguishant for handling leakage and fire accidents

the alarm in the control room when the process parameters such as temperature, pressure and flow rate of the alarm device and fire extinguishing device are abnormal, and the combustible gas and toxic gas concentration detection and alarm devices installed in the production device and nearby are all important safety devices in chemical production

in order to ensure the rapid and effective disposal of plant accidents, many chemical plants are equipped with water sprinkler systems, foam sprinkler systems, high-pressure fire hydrant systems, and fixed fire monitor cooling and fire extinguishing systems. These fire extinguishing facilities will play an important role in controlling the development of the situation under certain conditions

pipeline identification chemical production pipelines are crisscross and complex. In order to facilitate management, the basic identification of pipelines is stipulated in the industry, which is not only convenient for production workers to operate, but also conducive to the operation in fire fighting and rescue

generally, stainless steel is used as the material for the material pipeline that is easy to corrode, and the color is not painted; The circulating water pipeline is painted dark green; Acid (alkali) liquid pipeline is powdered by color; The nitrogen purging pipeline is painted light yellow; Vent pipeline (emergency discharge pipeline) is painted yellow; Fire water supply and extinguishing agent transmission pipelines are painted red; The steam pipeline is provided with insulation layer and wrapped with white iron sheet; The main material pipeline is not painted

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