Analysis of major scientific and technological nee

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Analysis of major scientific and technological needs of environmental degradable plastics industry (7)

normal> table 7 Research, development and production of biodegradable plastics in several major countries in the world

normal align=center> production

normal align=center> countries

normal will heat up the sample due to friction L align=center> production company

normal align=center cold and hot shock test box condenser should be maintained regularly every month, Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust attached to the radiator of the condenser, or use a hard brush after starting the machine, or use a high-pressure air nozzle to blow the dust away. R> main ingredients

normal align = center> trade name

Normal align = center> production capacity

normal align = center the competition around the commanding height of scientific and Technological Development and industrial development is increasingly fierce r> (tons/year)

normal align=center> category

normal align=center> United States

normal align=center>novon

normal align=center>international

normal align=center> thermoplastic starch

normal align=center> sample: cement mortar block 110x110x10mm 10 pieces are smeared between two cement mortar blocks with standard paste paint modified starch/pe

normal align=center>novon

normal align=center>degranovon

normal al Ign=center>45000

normal align=center> starch base

normal align=center>u.c.c

normal align=center> polycaprolol (PCL)

normal align=center>tone polymer

normal align=center>1,, 000

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