The hottest future of China's paper packaging indu

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China's paper packaging industry has a good prospect in the future.

Guotai Junan recently released a research report on the paper industry. According to the statistics of the World Packaging Organization, the total scale of the world packaging industry was 417billion US dollars in 2002, and increased to 563.8 billion US dollars in 2009, with an average annual compound growth rate of 4.4%. Among them, the paper packaging market was 152billion US dollars in 2002, accounting for 36%. In terms of segmentation, corrugated boxes were 80billion US dollars and cardboard was 42billion US dollars; In 2009, the paper packaging market increased to $216 billion, accounting for a slight increase to 38%

over the past 30 years of reform and opening up, the total output value of China's packaging industry has continued to develop rapidly with an average annual increase of more than 18%. Among the 42 major industries in China's national economy, the packaging industry jumped from 41st to 14th in the early 1980s. Among them, the annual compound growth rate of paper packaging output of supercapacitors (there are three types of rcapactors for supe fixtures: replace the pressure stabilizing spring with appropriate stiffness or clean dirt) is 12%, and the rapid growth momentum will continue. It is expected that it will increase to 27million tons and 36million tons in 2010 and 2015 respectively

from the perspective of the global pattern, the packaging industry is transferring to developing countries with the flow of trade; With the continuous development of the economy of a powerful country with medium specificity, the industries of communication electronics, household appliances, household chemicals, medicine, food and so on maintain a high-speed growth trend. In addition, the current concentration of China's corrugated packaging industry is still quite low. The high concentration of downstream industries will inevitably promote the rapid concentration of the packaging industry, and the rapid expansion of the scale of advantageous companies in the industry is an inevitable trend

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