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Analysis of precautions for the completion of prepress design

after the prepress design of the printed version is completed, the completed version needs to be carefully checked to ensure that there will be no errors in printing. Here are some things to pay attention to:

1 The text on the layout must be 3mm away from the cutting edge to avoid being cut during cutting. The text must be curved or framed. Do not use system words for words. If you use them, white nodes will appear at the interlaced strokes. After the text turns into a curve, please pay attention to whether there is line skipping or overlapping disorder between words or lines. If there is a white node at the intersection of strokes, it can be processed with the instruction of scattering. Do not use overprint for black text

2. The printing color cannot be required by the color printed on the screen or printer. When making, the customer must refer to the percentage of CMYK chromatogram to determine the making and filling color. At the same time, note that CMYK chromatography produced by different manufacturers is affected by factors such as paper, ink type and printing pressure, and the same color block will be different

3. When the same document is printed in different times, the color will be different, and the color difference is normal within 10% (because the ink volume control will be different every time). For large machine printing, consider one thing and lose the other. If there is an old file to be printed, in order to avoid excessive color difference, you can only refer to the digital color sample produced by our company. The color difference of printed products of different times shall not be used as a reason for return

4. Please try to avoid the combination of dark colors or full colors for the color matching of color blocks, otherwise it is easy to produce back printing after cutting after printing. Due to the small amount of business card printing, there are the same large areas of color blocks on the front and back. It is difficult to ensure that it is damaged by radial compression and has no ink spots. This should not be used as a reason for return

5. The shade or underlay color should not be less than 10% to avoid being unable to appear when printing the finished product

6. Please use coreidraw9.0 Chinese version to design and produce documents. Due to the need of version composition, documents designed with Macintosh will be converted to PC format. In CoreIDRAW, images and photos must be input in TIFF file format and CMYK mode, not in PSD file format. For all input image images, separated falling shadows, and objects filled with transparency and filter materials, please turn the bitmap again in CoreIDRAW (color is cmyk32 bits, resolution is 300dpi, anti aliasing compensation, transparent background, color description file is checked). In order to avoid causing marcek image when assembling. If you reduce the dot matrix by adjusting the nodes, please turn the dot matrix again (the options are as before) to avoid partial masking when the dot matrix is output. For objects processed with CorelDRAW's filter effect, the experiment is also related to the width and thickness of the sample. Please also turn to the dot matrix diagram (the options are as before) to ensure nothing is wrong

7. The wireframe thickness of all input or self drawn graphics should not be less than 0.1mm, otherwise the printed matter will cause broken lines or unable to be presented. In addition, the wireframe cannot be set to zoom with the image, otherwise irregular lines will be formed during printing and output

8. When the gradient object is placed in the frame for precise clipping, please turn it into a bitmap (the method is the same as that in point 6), because the gradient of the placed frame

is rotated after it is grouped with other objects, and the gradient direction will not rotate together. In addition, the edge width of any gradient object cannot be set, because the interpretation of the output machine is different, sometimes resulting in insufficient filling of the gradient edge

9. Please mark the fold line and front and back of the double-sided and double fold business card

10. Since the colorless manuscript ordered from the network can be proofread, if there are strict standard colors, the color patches cannot be guaranteed to be identical

11. No matter business cards, cards, single-sided or double-sided, no matter the number of people or the style, they should be placed on the same page and should not be made in pages

12. There is no need to draw crosshairs and cut lines after the completion of the manuscript. Two invisible wireframes can be used as the production size and bleeding line 92mm 56mm, and 90mm 54mm after cutting (that is, 1mm bleeding is reserved on each side)

if there is a need for special size, please specify it in the order and the uploaded document

13. Pay special attention to any pictures, color patches or undoubtedly the largest market line in China. Please put them in the picture frame when they exceed the production size. Do not use white color block to cover up, so as not to cause trouble when combining

14. After the above precautions are completed, the final performance index and stability must be significantly improved. Click the text information in the CoreIDRAW file option to display all the data of the document, including whether the text has been converted to a curve (if all the text has been converted to a curve, the text statistics item will show: there is no text object in this document), whether the dot matrix is CMYK (the dot matrix object should be the cmyk-32 bit that is explored), Whether the filling and outline are completely CMYK color mode, do not use RGB color. Whether the frame is still set to zoom with the image, and mark your company's business name, member number, contact person, delivery address, contact, box number, so as to be safe

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