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Analysis of market supply and demand in the glass industry

III. progress in stopping repeated construction in the previous stage

according to the spirit of the leadership instructions of the State Council, the State Economic and Trade Commission has carried out a comprehensive clean-up of flat glass construction projects since 1999 and verified them one by one. On this basis, the people's Bank of China and other relevant departments were consulted, and the report on the cleaning up of flat glass construction projects and treatment opinions was submitted to the State Council together with the State Development Planning Commission. The leaders of the State Council gave important instructions to the report. On December 13 last year, the general office of the State Council officially approved and issued the opinions of the State Economic and Trade Commission and the State Planning Commission on strictly controlling the production capacity of flat glass and effectively stopping low-level redundant construction (GBF [2001] No. 95). At present, all localities and relevant departments are implementing document No. 95 issued by the State Council, and the momentum of repeated construction in the glass industry has been initially curbed

1 some manufacturers are greedy for the small and cheap purchase of such instruments. According to the cleaning results, 39 float glass production lines have been built, put into operation, under construction and under preparation since 1999, with a total capacity of 87.88 million weight boxes. After deducting some backward capacity eliminated by the vertical introduction of the float glass, the net increased production capacity is more than 68 million weight boxes. Among the 39 production lines, 26 were constructed in violation of regulations, of which 15 were approved by local economic and trade commissions, 5 by local planning commissions and 6 by enterprises themselves

after the notice of the State Council was issued, some provinces and cities investigated and dealt with the illegal production lines in this region, and the relevant people made a review, such as Shenyang Xingguang float glass company and Pingxiang float glass factory. In the review, they all realized that they did not implement the national industrial policy and lacked the concept of discipline and the awareness of the overall situation. The economic and trade commissions and planning commissions of Jiangxi Province, Jiangsu Province, Dalian City, Beijing City, Zhejiang Province and other provinces and cities explained to the State Economic and Trade Commission and the State Planning Commission on the repeated construction of glass in this region, saying that they should learn lessons, study carefully, understand the spirit of relevant national policy documents, and avoid such mistakes

the financial sector responded positively and cooperated closely. The people's Bank of China issued a notice requiring all commercial banks to strictly control the project loans to float glass enterprises and not to grant loans to float glass enterprises that have been approved beyond their authority. For the loans that have been granted, the relevant commercial banks should take preservation measures to recover them on schedule, and stop lending to those who have granted credit and have not signed a loan contract. The securities regulatory authorities also strictly review the listed and issued shares of companies and the additional issuance and allotment of shares of listed companies, and do not support repeated construction. Commercial banks around the country have taken measures such as stopping loans and collecting loans to exposed illegal enterprises, so that illegal enterprises have been punished to a certain extent

the people, the economy, CCTV and other major media have attached great importance to and paid attention to the repeated construction of float glass, and have successively reported on the problem, and publicly exposed the illegal enterprises. In particular, "how did 39 float glass production lines come out?" It has been reported for 11 consecutive issues, which has aroused strong repercussions in all sectors of society and formed a good public opinion atmosphere for stopping repeated construction. CCTV has recorded the program "focus interview" and plans to make further in-depth reports

after the previous stage of work, the momentum of repeated construction of flat glass has been curbed, and some units preparing for the glass construction project have decided not to do so for the time being, such as Zhuzhou glass factory, Zhejiang glass factory third line, Xinjiang Petrochemical General Factory float line; Some projects under construction have also stopped construction, such as the float second line of Shuangliao glass factory; Some who decide to continue to use high-quality float glass have also changed to submit for approval through formal channels, such as Fuyao Glass Co., Ltd; Projects that have been officially approved by some countries have delayed the construction progress, or postponed the launch, such as the ninth reform of Lanzhou glass factory; Some established production lines have taken corresponding measures to delay the ignition to avoid a concentrated impact on the market

due to the intensification of efforts to stop repeated construction, the downward trend of economic benefits of the flat glass industry in the second half of last year was initially controlled. By the end of last year, the flat glass industry still made 712million yuan after offsetting its profits and losses. Although it fell by 58% year-on-year, the result was better than expected. It can be said that if the redundant construction was not cleaned up in time last year, and policy guidance and industry coordination were strengthened, the flat glass industry could be in a loss situation

the work of stopping the repeated construction of flat glass is highly policy oriented, involves a wide range of areas, and is difficult. How to solve this old and difficult problem needs to continue to be explored. The results achieved so far are only preliminary and cannot be overestimated. In order to promote the structural adjustment of the flat glass industry and the further improvement of economic benefits, the next step should still focus on stopping duplicate construction, mainly:

1. Urge all localities to speed up the implementation of GBF [2001] No. 95 document, The focus is on the relevant persons of 26 illegal production lines according to the specific situation and according to the "3D printing is a new technical regulation to investigate and deal with. Our commission will send inspection teams to local areas to check the implementation.

2. It is required that local economic and trade commissions should continue to take stopping the repeated construction of flat glass as a key work of industry management this year. All departments should perform their respective duties, jointly manage and achieve results in accordance with the provisions of Document No. 95. At the same time, we should take an example of the operation process of Jinan gold testing spring testing machine to refer to the anti three to prevent cement And other industries have low-level redundant construction

3. Strengthen the guidance for the production of the completed production line, reduce the impact on the market as far as possible, and strive to make the market competition in the glass industry orderly, and the economic benefits stop falling and stabilize

4. Local governments that continue to engage in low-level redundant construction, especially those that support state-owned enterprises to engage in redundant construction in order to highlight their political achievements, should be resolutely investigated and dealt with; If the circumstances are serious and cause heavy losses, the leaders shall be investigated, including the punishment that the swing frame of Party and government discipline equipment stops without impact and automatically returns to zero

5 during the Tenth Five Year Plan period, high-quality float glass projects that improve the variety structure and fill the market gap, as well as cold repair technology transformation projects that existing enterprises do not expand the production scale, shall be submitted to the State Planning Commission and the State Economic and Trade Commission for approval according to the prescribed procedures. Relevant departments should formulate and issue management measures for the use of building energy-saving and safety glass to guide consumption and expand the market

6. Give play to the role of associations, strengthen information guidance, advocate self-discipline of industries and enterprises, and avoid or reduce repeated construction and invalid investment. Continue to eliminate small glass

7. Through the guidance of public opinion, it has increasingly become a common consensus within and outside the industry to stop low-level redundant construction, prevent ineffective investment, and reduce the waste of social resources

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