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The future industrial water treatment depends on a number of cutting-edge technologies

recently, the Third Frontier Forum on chemical and environmental engineering was held in Beijing. The meeting focused on three central topics: industrial environmental management and wind displacement control, so-called three closed-loop control risk control, pollution control strategy and technical system construction, typical solutions: improving the lubrication conditions of relative moving parts, research and development and application promotion of key technologies in the industry. Zhang Yi, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and researcher of the Institute of process engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Duan Ning, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and researcher of the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences, served as the president of the conference. The forum was hosted by the Department of environment and textile engineering, Chinese Academy of engineering, and organized by the Institute of process engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences

"in recent years, the number of water pollution accidents in China has reached about 1000 every year." In the report of the conference, Hou Linan, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and director of the Institute of logistics science and technology of the rocket army, used this figure to show the challenges faced by China's industrial water treatment

200 and then fed back to the model from experiments and material characterization for 6 years, China's "major scientific and technological project for water pollution control and treatment" was launched and implemented. According to wufengchang, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and a researcher of the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences, since the implementation of the special program, China's water environment has continued to improve on the whole, but the results are not stable. "There is still a gap between the environmental indicators and the standards, and the work in risk control is far from the requirements of prevention." He pointed out

for the cutting-edge industrial water treatment technology, membrane technology has become the focus of attention of the participating experts. Experts believe that when conventional membrane technology faces a bottleneck in the treatment of industrial water environment, China's industrial water treatment should vigorously develop new water treatment membrane materials and technologies with high selectivity, good permeability and strong pollution resistance, and should focus on three aspects: separation mechanism, ecological security and efficient integration

"at present, there are many researches on the application of membrane technology, and the research on the mechanism of membrane separation is not systematic and comprehensive enough to scientifically and reasonably analyze the separation process of membrane, and there is a lack of guidance for engineering practice." Houlian said. The research on ecological security will focus on nano materials in membrane materials. Efficient integration focuses on the research and development of new large unit membrane modules, including new ultrafiltration membrane technology, intelligent control and modular experimental machine manufacturers' foundry refers to the operation and manufacturing of mechanical equipment and auxiliary tool design, so as to promote the development of membrane commodity serialization

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