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Chuangxiang future i5 4590/gtx960 4g/8g desktop assembly computer configuration list

power supply xianma pilot 650 rated 400W

this configuration belongs to the Intel platform, crazy game configuration, using Intel Core i5 4590 quad core 3.3ghz/6mb three-level cache CPU and Gigabyte B8 loose 5m-d2v magic sound motherboard. This configuration has 8GB memory capacity, independent graphics card, video memory: 4GB, computer with 60g solid state +1t hard disk. This report makes an in-depth analysis of the products and production strategies of well-known companies active in the field of color changing materials

configuration comments: Gigabyte first-line gold medal B85 magic sound motherboard with Gigabyte gold medal gtx960 4G graphics card, the performance should be cleared if it is easy to improve) increased by 26%, using 8g memory, various mainstream large-scale single machine games are completely pressure-free, using double copper tube side blowing fan heaters, combined with 12cm large-diameter fans, so that the heat dissipation efficiency of the host can be improved, Summer bid farewell to the high temperature caused by the blue screen crash. The high-speed solid-state drive can read and write faster, and the game is fast. The latest CPU of i5 and the game office are both right

test data: (the following data is only for reference)

startup time: 18 seconds

comprehensive score: 73.27 points

therefore, it has large specific surface area, strong surface adsorption, large surface energy, high chemical purity, good dispersion performance and excellent performance in terms of thermal resistance and resistance. Cost performance score: 118.85 points

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