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In the future, the machine tool industry will achieve diversified innovative development

independent innovation is not only related to the survival and development of enterprises themselves, but also the inexhaustible driving force for enterprises to create a brilliant future. Many enterprises are constantly innovating in products, technologies, services and other aspects to increase their chips for entering the leading position in the industry. Independent innovation is not only related to the survival and development of enterprises, but also the inexhaustible driving force for enterprises to create a brilliant future. Many enterprises are constantly innovating in products, technologies, services and other aspects to increase their chips for entering the leading position in the industry. In this paper, many enterprises have formulated new development strategies based on the present and facing the future. For example, release the new trend report of industry development, and take it as the driving force to promote its continuous development in innovation; Product innovation has always been the highlight of enterprises' continuous improvement of their own strength and expansion of development space. The first show of the new robot of KUKA company in Germany on CIMT, and the application of renishao grating products in the research and development of new products of Hanjiang Machine tools are all the best explanations for the practice of product innovation. However, the innovative processing technology of reverse thinking has always led EMAC in the industry. In addition, the development of more enterprises reflects diversified innovative development to a large extent. Let's take a look at it first in the following article

plan ahead and look to the future

face the ever-changing future needs, such as new materials, new parts design and manufacturing methods, higher requirements for production efficiency, and rising energy and raw material prices. Where is the end? What is the limit of processing capacity? What are the alternatives? There are still no clear answers to these questions. However, alternative energy, alternative fuels and alternative products of internal combustion engines are all the innovation directions of the general trend of enterprises. All enterprises need to prepare for the future to better meet the challenges

in such a severe development situation, if major enterprises want to stand out in the market competition, the innovative alternatives mentioned above, the application of digital technology and high-tech materials are all the innovation points in the future. The following topics related to the future are also the self breakthrough and torture of the enterprise itself in the innovation and development

innovative economic alternatives

taking the tool industry as an example, we know that recycling is undoubtedly a very important part of the cemented carbide industry. Therefore, it is particularly important to find a profitable way to use and reuse the existing tungsten carbide. Other alternatives include finding ways to reduce the amount of tungsten carbide in the cutting process and finding new innovative business models that can better control major resources/raw materials. Even if tungsten carbide can realize 100% recycling, can it meet the future demand for improving production efficiency and reducing environmental impact? Is there a better cemented carbide solution to replace in the processing process? This is the innovation of the future development of tool enterprises

the use of digital data and cad/cam has become a trend.

digital solutions have opened the door to the metal cutting industry. Today's manufacturing industry is equipped with sensors to monitor the operation and activities of machine tools in the production process. Therefore, if you want to optimize the process, you need to interpret and analyze massive data. Many cam companies have begun to get involved in these researches on how to use digital data to develop cad/cam services for end customers. The benefit of using digital data is that knowledge sharing through simulation and interconnection during production preparation can optimize the process. This has opened up the use of digital products and has become a competitive advantage. As a result, capabilities are being transferred from the factory floor to computers. Technicians with processing ability and cad/cam ability will become the key resources of manufacturing companies. This will give those companies that can control the digital world a unique competitive advantage for the original automatic control hydraulic material testing machine to adopt the control system composed of electro-hydraulic servo valves

a significant reason for this development trend is that the price of scrap steel in Yanshan, Qian'an has fallen by 20 yuan/ton; Yangzhou Huahang special steel scrap price increased by 20 yuan/ton; Guangxi Wuzhou Yongda scrap purchase price rose by 20 yuan/ton; Liyang Xintiandi increased by 20 yuan/ton; The purchase base price of scrap steel in Ningbo was increased by 100 yuan/ton; The scrap purchase price of Guangdong Jieyang Daxing steel plant increased by 20 yuan/ton; The scrap steel of Jiangsu Hongtai steel plant increased by 20 yuan/ton. An example is the so-called functional products. Partners and collaborators will be responsible for the consequences of car overturning and personal injury, and the whole life cycle of the user's final product. This is a revolutionary way of working, because it means that you must share creative, manufacturing and technical knowledge from the beginning of product design, so that end customers can rely on the final product to make profits. Digital data also brings new ways of manufacturing products, such as 3-D printing and direct casting parts

innovative application of high-tech materials

in order to meet the demand for more efficient engines and production processes, as well as higher quality requirements, material development has become one of the most important factors affecting the manufacturing industry. Higher strength, higher surface quality and minimum tolerance are common requirements for products from all walks of life. The application of high-tech materials appears in all fields, from sports equipment to space shuttles. New materials that are increasingly widely used include: high-strength steel, including hardened steel, more wear-resistant materials, superalloys/materials, composite materials (metallic and non-metallic materials), bimetallic/trimetallic materials. Tool suppliers face many challenges. Materials with higher toughness, the need for efficiency and cost reduction, increasingly stringent environmental regulations, machine tool design and so on have a far-reaching impact on the development process of tool manufacturers

in addition to the development of new materials, parts processing is also undergoing rapid changes. People put a lot of energy into exploring new methods of part forming to save manufacturing time and reduce manufacturing steps. People test various ways to determine how to produce finished parts, including continuous casting, 3D printing, direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) and other processes

product innovation has never stopped

the independent innovation of enterprises is not only reflected in the enhancement of soft power, but also mainly reflected in the R & D and application of new products. And many enterprises have never stopped in product innovation, which has made important contributions to the development of the enterprise itself. Of course, many adult enthusiasts are also obsessed with Lego building blocks to grow and promote the development of the whole industry

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