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The future of Alibaba AI: infrastructure provider of business society

the future of Alibaba AI: infrastructure provider of business society

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original title: the future of Alibaba AI: infrastructure provider of business society

first of all, share three words: tmall genie is also a robot; Using service robots to build polycarbonate polyurethane (PCU) of the future business gradually shows the nerve network of the potential industrial society; Single products are not important, but scene construction is more important

these are three particularly important words about understanding the future of Alibaba AI at the Alibaba AI summit at the Yunqi Conference on September 20

future commercial infrastructure builders

tmall Genie space egg, tmall Genie space shuttle, and autonomous intelligent logistics vehicle are the three pieces released by Alibaba Artificial Intelligence Laboratory on September 20. Another important product is the perception base station

although it is single products, especially autonomous driving, that attract the attention of the public and the media, according to Qian Xue, general manager of Alibaba Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Alibaba artificial intelligence is not a single product, but a scene

the so-called single product is built according to the positioning logic for the infrastructure of the future business society. It is not only a tmall elf, but also an intelligent speaker in the external cognition and a robot in the light of snow

in the keynote speech of light snow that morning, there was a very important title, "robots will become a new infrastructure for future business"

so from the perspective of single products, what we see is the intelligent speaker or medical service robot launched by Alibaba, or the layout is automatic and has 50 years of durable driving

there are both TOC products and tob products, and the use scenarios are also very different, which is slightly difficult to understand

however, from the perspective of commercial social infrastructure, the value of different items and the relationship with artificial intelligence can be understood only after adding scenes: as a robot form of human-computer interaction, intelligent speakers assume the function of communicating with the outside world, and other multi scene service robots assume the function of liberating human resources and providing efficient implementation solutions. As the engine of artificial intelligence, aligniei is responsible for empowering individual products and scenes

what is the infrastructure of the future business society? Alibaba artificial intelligence experiment metal materials mainly need to carry out the following test room selection, which may give us some enlightenment

the single product is not important, but the scene construction is the essence.

Alibaba AI construction is the scene, not the single product, although we see robots such as tmall elf, space shuttle, logistics vehicle, space capsule, etc

from the perspective of scene, in fact, tmall genie, robot and car are integrated. They are people-centered and cut into three spaces: family interior, community and city. In these three spaces, these three items are called infrastructure under the scene. The idea put forward by Alibaba artificial intelligence laboratory is to use AI + business scene to drive the development of robots. In terms of scenario selection, the launch of logistics vehicles actually comes from the coordination and demand of Alibaba ecosystem. Public data shows that as of January 2018, the national warehouse capacity of "Cainiao market" has reached 46.25 million square meters, with a total of 3294 warehouses, covering 136 cities in 29 provinces across the country, most of which are logistics industrial parks built by Alibaba in various places

for Alibaba, the backbone of its intelligent logistics network knows the logistics situation across the country and where it is needed and where it is not. Intelligent driving can play a role in it. Therefore, autonomous vehicle can be combined with Alibaba to quickly provide application scenarios

if at the same time, considering that the large-scale roads laid across China have covered most of the villages, especially in remote areas, autonomous driving and logistics vehicles are of special value in improving the supply of materials and services in these areas

tmall Genie space shuttle is the same logic. Based on the perspective of reducing costs and improving efficiency, artificial intelligence is polished in the hospital scene, which on the one hand liberates medical staff from running around for a long time, and on the other hand improves the safety and accuracy of medication. For example, in addition to the ability of tmall genie, the space shuttle also has 60 independent medicine compartments that can pop up, which means that the medical staff can accurately arrive when they put drugs into the ward to develop new SBC products

the hotel is a business scene with high-frequency use and large distribution. At the cloud habitat conference, the application case of the robot based on the voice assistant of tmall genie in the hotel shows that the service robot (space egg) can be used to meet the intelligent interactive service of daily hotel customers. This service robot can automatically walk on all floors of the hotel, reach the designated room, and realize intelligent interaction with guests, This is a case worth looking forward to

we can see that it's meaningless to talk about artificial intelligence and various items without scenes. In terms of scene selection, high-frequency, high-cost and low-efficiency scenes should be the first choice, such as logistics, hospitals, hotels or remote villages

polishing of AI capability

as an infrastructure facility, aligenie released version 3.0 at the cloud habitat conference. Compared with version 2.0, aligenie 3.0 has the ability to move, which is reflected in: precise positioning, self-help navigation, high-precision mapping, environmental perception, sensor fusion, human-computer interaction, and multi robot collaboration

previously, aligenie had the ability of speech, vision and multimodal interaction. That is to say, since aligenie3.0, Alibaba's artificial intelligence engine, aligenie, has the four capabilities of "perception, analysis, decision-making and action" of a complete robot

shallow snow said that aligenie was born for robots

from the perspective of ability, aligenie3.0 includes the ability of robots to perceive the environment, including identifying objects, obstacles and accurately locating the position in their own environment. This is the use of high-precision maps, autonomous positioning and autonomous navigation. Then the robot loaded with aligenie3.0 can feel an environmental space, and can move, walk, and complete more tasks. In the light of snow, this means that the era of mobile robots has really arrived

in addition to its capabilities, aligenie also launched an open hardware platform to work with scene partners to create scene solutions, including travel, home, outdoor and other scenes

for Alibaba Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, it becomes a scene. What remains unchanged is the artificial intelligence engine. It is the ability to constantly Polish artificial intelligence around robots and based on scenes

in the view of Alibaba Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, robots can organically combine the Internet, and the "neural network" built by robots will create a new business infrastructure in the future. The combination of tmall Genie and artificial intelligence software and hardware is the neural unit of this neural network

in the coming years, Alibaba artificial intelligence laboratory will focus on product research and development in the three directions of next-generation interactive entry, autonomous driving and service robots, promote technology enabled products, and gradually realize the implementation of family, business district and urban application scenarios. This is the future vision of Alibaba Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, which transcends single products, understands and promotes artificial intelligence in the context, and solves the problem of infrastructure reconstruction in the future business society

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