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I don't know if you've ever encountered it. After buying a small thing, you are shocked by its practicality and convenience, and feel the explosion of happiness. The whole life has become different. Today, let's list some life changing inventions

I don't know if you have ever encountered it. After buying a small thing, you are shocked by its practicality and convenience. You feel a burst of happiness, and the whole life has become different. Today, let's list some life changing inventions

no.1 electric toothbrush

many people say that the electric toothbrush is useless and chicken ribs, but in fact, it is not used properly. The electric toothbrush cannot brush your teeth like an ordinary toothbrush, but should brush one by one. After using the electric toothbrush, you will find that there are no more dental stones and plaque, and the teeth are super clean

no.2 mini vacuum cleaner

mini vacuum cleaner is especially suitable for small houses, lazy to sweep the floor, and there is no space to enlarge the vacuum cleaner. Large vacuum cleaners are noisy and troublesome. It only needs about 100 yuan to solve the problem. A variety of brush heads can be changed, and they can be competent for a variety of tasks. They have strong suction. After buying them, your traditional broom will basically retire

no.3 food storage cans

soft plastic food storage cans are cheap and easy to use. The cover is soft. When you cover it, press the middle to let out the air in the jar a little, and then the cover will be firmly sucked, and the sealing is particularly good. Basically, it is one of the most repurchased kitchen supplies, whether it is dried fruits, grains, cooking seasonings or unfinished snacks, all can be sealed and preserved

no.4 wireless speaker

love life, how can there be no music. The wireless speaker eliminates the trouble of wiring around, and all kinds of machines can be used, not only TV computers, mobile phone networking as players, and remote controls, massive music, new songs, old songs, listen casually, and play a song at home, which is extremely convenient

no.5 slow rebound sponge cushion

cushion can be placed not only at home, but also in the car and office. At ordinary times, when working, driving, playing games, etc., placing such a slow rebound sponge cushion behind the back will make the back of the waist feel full, protect the lumbar spine, and feel much more comfortable at the same time

no.6 storage box

put sundries and materials, and you don't have to pile them outside to look messy anymore! And they are neatly coded, labeled and easy to find. Especially if the shape of the bookcase can just fit the size of the storage box, it is simply a natural match, a good system for efficient learning and work

no.7 reclining chair

the reclining chair will have a comfortable feeling of fitting the whole back after sitting down, and unlike ordinary rocking chairs, it will be afraid that if you exert too much force, you will fall back. The whole person lies on it and reads books. A weekend afternoon passes so comfortably. If you are not careful, you will fall asleep because you are too comfortable

no.8 oven

oven is simply omnipotent, but Chinese people obviously can't use an oven, and the utilization rate is extremely low. But in fact, the cooking method of roast steak, roast mutton, roast banana, roast pineapple, roast cake Western food, coupled with the Chinese natural food thinking, can make you destroy countless Michelin chefs

no.9 flower arrangement

it doesn't take many flowers to decorate the house, and it doesn't need any aesthetics. When you get out of the subway entrance, you can buy three or two lilies and throw them into the bottle. It's good that those flowers can last for at least a week. If it's dry, go and replace it. The house will also become more fresh and elegant with the existence of flowers. When you look at the flowers, it will be bright all of a sudden, and the whole space will become different because of a few flowers

no.10 beautiful room

there is no doubt that the happiest thing is a beautiful home. Creating a beautiful room for yourself will make you feel extraordinary in an instant. If you want to dress up a beautiful home, of course, Rhine egger customized furniture is necessary, which not only makes your room look up, but also allows you to collect the results you usually buy. Rhine egger customized furniture, customized, reasonably planned space, so that you can improve the quality of life. Happiness explosion is not negotiable

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