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As for the decoration of the ground, it seems that in addition to paving tiles, it is paving wood floors; On these two bases, what we can choose is pattern and color; As a young man with an outspoken personality, do you really want to make a difference when decorating the floor

in order to meet your different needs, let's talk about the decoration of the ground. In addition to paving tiles and wooden floors, how can we deal with the ground

1. Trowel with cement

more than ten years ago, the floors of houses in rural areas were directly troweled with cement, and economy and environmental protection can highlight the highlights of other decoration

2. Red brick flooring

in addition to cement troweling, red brick flooring can also be used as one of the ground treatment methods; Relatively speaking, it is also relatively simple, but the thickness of red bricks is large, which is suitable for the space with large floor height

3. Cement floor polish

if you feel that the texture of brick laying or direct cement troweling is too rough, you can make another layer of self leveling/floor paint on the foundation of the cement floor, so that the ground is delicate and dirt resistant

4. Floor leather

this kind of floor leather was used at home when I was a child. At that time, it was a cement floor. The room was covered with a layer of PVC floor leather, which looked like a wooden floor, but the texture was relatively general. It was still possible to temporarily transform the floor to use it

5. Carpet

carpet is suitable for laying in some areas of the living room or bedroom at home, which is used to increase the soft decoration collocation at home and make the space appear more warm and classy

6. Terrazzo

terrazzo seems to be called “ Shimi ”, I remember that the floor of our high school classroom is made of this material, which has a good anti-skid effect, but it is not very resistant to dirt

7. Compared with rough and dirty terrazzo, the surface of granite is relatively smooth and dirt resistant as a whole

8. Marble

the color and texture of marble are relatively fashionable, and the texture and pattern are very natural and generous. When used in modern fashion style, the effect is quite low-key and high-end

finally, to sum up: there should be many new ways of floor decoration; You can advocate individuality, but in general, you should keep it flat and easy to clean. After all, it is used at home! I don't think many people like the rough ground like below




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