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What you wear is not only about clothes, but about your value; What you wear is not just makeup, but about your quality; What you comb is not only about your hair style, but about your taste

from a philosophical point of view, the more the internal and external balance, the more in line with the objective law of the development of things. As a leading brand of fashion customized home furnishings, lacca wardrobe pays more attention to the creation of internal and external balance, aiming to provide consumers with a high-quality home life. Now let's take a look at the fashion image of Laoka's wardrobe, which will attract your attention every minute

vis brand visual identification system

the national unified brand image identification system shapes distinctive brand cognition and spreads the unique fashion brand culture of Laoka

the image of Laoka terminal store

is unique in the maze marketing exhibition hall design, which completely replicates the advanced marketing concept to the terminal store and creates the exhibition hall image with strong sales force in the industry

vis brand visual recognition system

the footprints of labor card have spread all over the north and south of China, and have expanded rapidly every year, reaching Jiangsu in the East, Xinjiang in the west, Hainan in the south, and Heilongjiang in the north, forming a scenic spot of labor card flagship store with a very wide coverage





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