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Who is the true love of consumers? Chinese brand craftsman vs fake and inferior brands

a customer said to me that day, it also sells plates. Why should I buy yours when yours is expensive

I told him this:

"What I sell is a brand. What he sells is a miscellaneous brand. Although they are all plates, they are very different. For example, if you go to buy vegetables and go to the stall to buy vegetables, you don't know where you came from, but you still buy them because you're used to it; but if you buy medicine, do you dare to buy them at the stall? You must not, because you're not afraid that you can't cure your disease. You're afraid that if you get poisoned, you won't find anyone back."

non branded board is like medicine, but because you don't know that board products involve many risks, you are not afraid, because you don't know. If you know that the use of fake and inferior board products may lead to safety hazards of formaldehyde exceeding the standard, do you dare to buy it? You certainly won't buy it, because if you neglect it, it may bring more terrible risks to your family than medicine

brand vs miscellaneous brand, who is the true love of consumers

from the perspective of brand, building materials products can also be divided into brand and non brand products (miscellaneous brands). On the surface, miscellaneous brands have price advantages, but as people pay more and more attention to the home environment, the advantages of miscellaneous products are becoming weaker and weaker. Even so, the two are still in constant competition, so is the brand the true love of consumers, or is the cheap brand the best choice for consumers

the difference between brands and miscellaneous brands:

customers often ask: what is a brand

I asked: did you cross the bridge

the customer said: walk by

I asked: is there a railing on the bridge

the customer said: Yes

I asked: when you cross the bridge, do you use the handrail

the customer said: no help

I asked: so the railing is useless to you

the customer said: of course, it's useful. Without the protection of railings, what should I do if I fall down

I asked: but you don't have a handrail

the customer said:... But... But without railings, I will be afraid

I said: then, brand is the railing on the bridge

and what are miscellaneous brands

miscellaneous brands are the railings on the bridge that are about to break

it looks like everything,

but with a touch,

you fall into the water

regular brand vs fake and inferior brands

regular brand: it is a legal enterprise with legal production and sales qualifications required by the state, and all products comply with relevant national regulations

fake and inferior brands: they are illegal enterprises, do not have the legal production and sales qualifications required by the state, and almost all items of products do not comply with the relevant national regulations

regular brands: not only sell products to earn profits, but also make products refined and safe, which is a good reputation for consumers

fake and inferior brands: only selling products to earn profits, and selling low-end products that are unqualified will earn a little

regular brand: the enterprise goal is to become bigger and stronger, a century old enterprise in the industry, and is committed to providing consumers with high-quality products

fake and inferior brands: the goal of the enterprise is to make profits. After a few years of work, we can make money. Low allocation, low allocation, low price, violence and high turnover

regular brand: help you as soon as possible in case of product problems, and give the most reasonable compensation as soon as possible in case of product accidents

fake and inferior brands: once there is a problem with the product, it starts to shirk. Once there is an accident with the product, it depends on the big thing, the small thing, the small thing, and the big thing is ready to run away

the reason why the craftsman brand is popular: let consumers rest assured

because the craftsman knows that the structural decline of industry sales is not due to the contraction of consumer demand, but to the change of demand structure - the consumption upgrading is becoming more and more obvious, and consumers need healthier, more humanized and more perfect products; Cutting prices and marketing expenses can only bring temporary sales and profits, and the final market share of the brand is determined by the share of the brand in the minds of consumers - the ultimate battlefield of marketing is not in the factory, nor in the market, but in the minds of consumers

Chinese brand fine craftsman health board is a leading brand in the household board industry. Strictly control the quality, adhere to the iron law of "quality wins", always maintain the original intention, and create a dream healthy home life for each family who chooses a craftsman

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