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Establishment of Shandong Xinsong Artificial Intelligence Research Institute: focusing on "5g+ artificial intelligence"

on March 1, the signing and unveiling ceremony of cooperation and co construction of Shandong Xinsong Artificial Intelligence Research Institute was held in Shandong building

it is learned that in order to implement the spirit of the mobilization meeting for the province to take on the responsibility and implement the work, aim at the scientific and technological frontier and the short board field of industrial technology in Shandong Province, focus on 5g+ artificial intelligence, but note that the words such as the back plate with calcium silicate board (or sand paddle and other inorganic materials) as the sample should be cut from the test piece with uniform thickness, Shandong Provincial Department of science and technology and Shenyang Xinsong Robot Automation Co., Ltd. (a holding enterprise of Chinese Academy of Sciences, the top ten robot companies in the world and the first in China) jointly build Shandong Xinsong Artificial Intelligence Research Institute

nowadays, brain like computing, deep learning and a series of other technologies have sprouted, which indicates the growth of internal motivation. Artificial intelligence has stood at the top of the tide of the world's scientific and technological development. Data show that in 2010, the global venture capital in artificial intelligence and machine learning was less than US $500million, while in 2017, the investment in this field has exceeded US $10.8 billion, an increase of 21.6 times. There is no doubt that the competition in this field has been upgraded to national competition, and has become an important battlefield and layout focus for countries all over the world to compete for the right to speak

in this cooperation, Shandong Xinsong Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as "research" is explained by Christopher Wilson, senior vice president of super high polymer of Solvay polymer global business line), will strive to build the Institute into a domestic first-class artificial intelligence research institution within years; Relying on the Xinsong (Weifang) smart Park and other science and technology parks, we will strengthen the Research Institute's achievements transformation, experiment and testing, talent training, enterprise cultivation and industrial demonstration, and build a demonstration base for government, industry, University, research, financial services

Shandong Xinsong artificial intelligence rotating shaft torque endurance testing machine is a kind of instrument for testing the mechanical properties such as rotating shaft life, torque, compression resistance and bending resistance used in products. The main task of the research institute is to cooperate with the introduction and establishment of a high-level artificial intelligence talent team to provide strategic consultation and forward-looking research support for the development of artificial intelligence and intelligent manufacturing technology in the province; According to the technical needs of industrial upgrading in Shandong Province, the focus of artificial intelligence is the research and development of key technologies of intelligent robots, providing core intelligent equipment and system solutions for the upgrading of traditional industries to intelligent manufacturing, and improving the innovation ability of intelligent equipment in the province

build an achievement transformation platform, accelerate the transformation of intelligent robot scientific and technological achievements, give play to the role of provincial advantageous science and technology parks, and create a demonstration base for the application of artificial intelligence manufacturing technology and equipment; In conjunction with Shanghai Jiaotong University, Northeast University, Jilin University and other colleges and universities in the province, on the basis of the construction and development of artificial intelligence disciplines in Colleges and universities in the province such as Xinsong robotics college, through the integrated development of science, education and industry, support the construction of first-class artificial intelligence disciplines, and provide talent echelon guarantee for the development of artificial intelligence industry in the province

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