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Shandong Xinghua Packaging Co., Ltd. is located in Bancheng Town, Lanshan District, Linyi City, Shandong Province. As a packaging supplier for Mengniu, Baixiang and other enterprises, Xinghua Packaging Co., Ltd. and then turned the hand wheel has been back to work for more than 10 days. However, different from what most people think, although there are a large number of finished cartons out of the warehouse every day, few people come and go here. The huge factory is quiet

"the reason why we can return to work so early is mainly because we completed the conversion of old and new kinetic energy a few years ago and adopted many new technologies and equipment." Huachunyong, chairman of the board of directors of the company, told us that "hearing the sound of machines, but not the sound of human voices" is a vivid portrayal of the company at present

Hua Chunyong said that in 2018, under great financial pressure, the company launched the high-strength carton project with an annual output of 100million square meters, and introduced the German bhs2.2m high-speed corrugated board production line. The production line has a fully automated logistics system and an automatic gluing system. From base paper to paperboard, a production line more than 100 meters long only needs 10 workers to complete the operation. In addition, the company has also introduced Shanghai Dinglong online printing machine, which uses CNC control system. It only takes sixorseven workers to complete the process from paperboard to printing finished cartons

"this online printing machine can replace the traditional printing machine, die-cutting machine, box gluing machine, baling machine and other machines. If the traditional machine is still used, more than 7 people are required for printing and die-cutting only. Now only 2 people can operate the CNC platform, and the cartons produced will be finished when they are loaded with the handle." Yanhongbin, director of the company's office, told us that the online printing machine has changed the traditional carton printing production process in terms of management and utilization efficiency, effectively reduced the production process and reduced the number of employees. "At present, we keep working for 8 hours a day, and the daily output can reach 50000 cartons. At the same time, because the production process has been controlled automatically, it can be maintained remotely without a lot of manpower."

the relevant person in charge of Lanshan District told that in the face of the epidemic, Lanshan District fully supports all kinds of enterprises to return to work and production in an orderly manner under the premise of implementing the strictest epidemic prevention and control system. "Enterprises like Xinghua packaging, which have high technology content, few labor, and a large market demand for installing regulated power supply and leakage protector on the power supply at the construction site, are basically the first batch to return to work. Based on the principle of 'one batch of epidemic prevention measures in place, one batch of conditions, and one batch of production', Lanshan district is organizing enterprises to return to work and production in an orderly manner." The person in charge said

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