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Shandong Weifang Railcom completed the integration and upgrading of 12345 government services on December 1, Shandong Weifang Municipal government issued an important notice on "one number management service in the city from now on" in Weifang, marking that China Mobile Railcom Weifang branch successfully completed the integration and upgrading of 12345 government services. At the beginning of the year, the work report of Weifang Municipal government put forward a goal of number management service. To integrate the city's 15 lines into 12345, we must first take the resource-saving development path. Since the business negotiation in August, the company has attached great importance to the project, set up a special team headed by the leader in charge, repeatedly contacted and talked with the competent government departments to lead the release of a large number of bicycles into the city, closely followed the development of the situation, and promoted the successful signing of the project. In order to ensure the efficient completion of the integration and integration of government affairs, Weifang branch overcame difficulties and completed data opening and debugging. With the support of the leaders of the provincial company and the cooperation of the mobile company, the market of China's plastic machinery enterprises will be more open. After careful work deployment and timely and effective scheduling from the leaders to relevant personnel, the branch overcame all challenges and difficulties. It took eight days and ensured that it would not be damaged. The cutover task was completed on December 1, and finally 15 units including 12349 were incorporated into the government affairs. After the integration of the project, a total of 7 voice trunk lines are required. After the cutover, the daily incoming line volume will be increased from 3500 to 4500, and the annual revenue will be at least 240000 yuan

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