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Shanghai 2019{the 8th} International Robot Exhibition

Shanghai 2019{the 8th} International Robot Exhibition

21 Sigmatex develops new recycled carbon fiber materials: 19 source: Beijing ICIF

original title: Shanghai 2019{the 8th} International Robot Exhibition

ciros China robot industry alliance jointly organized with top industry associations

. China Machinery Industry Federation, formerly known as the Ministry of machinery industry, was restructured in the reform of China's industrial management system to become China's largest machinery industry 4. Sample clamping industry organization

China robot industry alliance was established at the end of 2013. It is a national collaborative work platform for the industry of production, learning, research and application of China's robot industry

Shanghai Zhongji Lian Exhibition Co., Ltd. is subordinate to China Federation of industrial machinery, referred to as "cmepo" for short. The company has always adhered to the purpose of "brand, profession and service", mainly serving automation, robotics and related fields, and striving to develop international specialized exhibitions

a high-quality buyer group and a large professional audience

the organizing committee organizes and invites a large professional audience. Ciros2018 ushered in 41 professional visiting groups that successively arrived at the scene to communicate face-to-face with enterprises



industries are covered, such as automobile, machine tool, office equipment, food packaging equipment, electronic communication, national defense application, 3C phase transition function high molecular materials and devices, electronics, building materials, warehousing and logistics, community, tobacco, daily necessities, consumer goods, construction system, UAV, educational institutions, automation, petrochemical industry, aerospace and shipbuilding, building materials industry, etc


industry top summit and professional forum

industry top summit and professional forum will be held at the same time. In the mode of "international high-end conference + industry professional exhibition", focus on the voice of government, industry and enterprises, and promote the progress of automation and robotics industry

all field exhibition platform

multi exhibition joint offices achieve a complete industrial chain. The exhibition is closely centered on "intelligence", covering the whole industrial chain of industrial and service robots, industrial intelligence and automation solutions, artificial intelligence and other professional exhibitions, making every effort to build an intelligent ecosystem and providing opportunities for upstream, downstream and cross field cooperation and exchanges in the industry

the mainstream media strongly publicized the Shanghai robotics exhibition

in conjunction with more than 347 mainstream TV stations and professional media, such as China Central Television, Phoenix Satellite TV, Oriental satellite TV, Shanghai TV, first finance, people, China, Xinhua news agency, Sina, Yi, Tencent, China industry news, and the better performance of automation in detecting high carbon steel, which greatly improved the exposure of exhibitors

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