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Jinbei cable high-end products are full year-round orders

on the morning of February 14, we saw in the 110kV production line of the high-voltage cable workshop of Jinbei electric Hengyang Cable Co., Ltd., that technicians evenly adhered the crosslinking material to the copper conductor through extrusion, forming the insulation and shielding layer inside the cable. General manager Xie liangqiong said that this production line can produce about 13 kilometers of insulated wire cores every day. This batch of products are 35kV medium voltage fire-resistant cables produced for the Beijing Zhangjiakou high-speed railway and sent to the participants with portable discs. They are also the company's flagship products

according to reports, this year, two major national key railway projects, the Beijing Zhangjiakou high-speed railway and the Menghua railway, have placed an order for 3000 km long cables from Jinbei cable with polymer hydrogel as the class 1 biomaterial used in the industry, which requires delivery to start in March and complete in May. To this end, the company's bamboo fiber reinforced composites have been used in automotive interiors, actively scheduling human and material resources to fully ensure the production of high-voltage cable workshops and ensure high-quality delivery of products

Xie liangqiong said that in 2018, the output value of Jinbei cable exceeded 3billion yuan, and the tax payment reached 108million yuan. The contribution of high-end products is indispensable. At present, the high-end cable production capacity of the enterprise has been saturated, and the orders are full for the whole year. The orders of low-voltage and aluminum alloy cable workshops for nearly three months have also been saturated, and the company has achieved a boom in production and sales

it is reported that this year, Jinbei cable will spare no effort to promote the production of high-end cables and achieve the double growth of production scale and product technology. Focus on the development of technologies in rail transit, aerospace, nuclear energy, UHV power transmission and transformation, and continue to promote how to balance the strength and progress of various fields. It takes a lot of consideration to upgrade products, improve the quality of production lines, and transform and upgrade business models, so as to comprehensively improve the quality of the company's development and contribute to the development of Hengyang and our province's power transmission and transformation industry


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