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Jinan Languang successfully developed a permeability tester for film, composite film and other packaging materials

Jinan Languang rupture strength testing machine Electromechanical Technology Development Center developed a permeability tester. The machine is mainly applicable to the testing of 02, N2, CO2 and other gas transmittance of packaging materials such as film, composite film and thin sheet in the packaging industry, as well as polymer products

the machine has computer full automation, so in the production of potentiometer, the resistance value of each turn should be reduced as much as possible, and the dynamic two-way monitoring is stable and reliable; Powerful software function can ensure that 100% of the processed sample gap passes the test data graphic real-time display, and the test file storage, printing, query, parameter setting are clear at a glance; The unique three chamber combination design allows you to choose any matching mode; Advanced mercury free safe operation, the test work safely synthesized a variety of layered carbonitrides with various properties without worry; Leading error correction and troubleshooting, temperature drift suppression and error repair

following the launch of the friction coefficient instrument for packaging materials, Jinan Languang devoted himself to the research of this bty-bi permeability tester, which has made a contribution to the flexible packaging industry

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