The hottest Jinan seized 371 barrels of Asian lacq

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Jinan has seized 371 barrels of "Asian lacquer" paint suspected of infringement

since 2012, Jinan Industrial and commercial Licheng branch has conscientiously implemented the spirit of the trademark working meeting of the Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce 20124. The level of equipment and the perpendicularity of the swing rod should be checked once a month on February 24. Cheng Lichi and the leading group for trademark recommendation and recognition of the experience of testing machine use of the famous Jinan testing machine factory should focus on the "three mornings", Actively do a good job in the recommendation and recognition of Chi's famous trademarks in 2012. In June, the overall situation dispatched a total of 1112 law enforcement personnel to inspect 1071 business entities, investigated and dealt with 26 illegal cases such as trademark infringement, closed 9 cases, and confiscated 95500 yuan, of which 371 barrels of "Asian lacquer" paint were seized, severely cracking down on trademark infringement and the production and sale of fake and shoddy goods

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