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Jinan lino was honored with the honorary title of "enterprise with harmonious labor relations" in Jinan in 2008

recently, Jinan lino was rated as "enterprise with harmonious labor relations in Jinan in 2008" by the leading group of Jinan hc=100- L/0.025 "ten thousand enterprises create harmony" activity

harmonious labor relations are the premise and guarantee of enterprise development. In 2008, Jinan lino conscientiously implemented the requirements of the "opinions on carrying out the activity of" creating harmony among 10000 enterprises "jointly carried out by the Jinan Federation of trade unions, the labor bureau, the Safety Supervision Bureau and other ten departments, centered on" building a harmonious enterprise, building a century lino ", took the activity of creating a harmonious labor enterprise as the entry point and focus of promoting the construction of a harmonious enterprise, formulated a plan, and enriched the content, Carefully organize, implement measures and coordinate the promotion. Focus on ensuring the fundamental interests of employees and the harmonious and healthy development of the company. Through a lot of work, resolve contradictions and maintain stability, so that employees can be happy and devote themselves to work. Protect the vital interests of employees, reflect the aspirations of employees in specific work, and realize the synchronous growth of employees and enterprises. Actively carry out the activities of "three openness, four feedback, five must talk, six must visit" to concentrate and enhance the sense of belonging of employees. Democratic life meetings are held regularly, which promotes the development of harmonious relations through two-way exchanges. Through the implementation of a series of activities, the effective reduction of volume and positions has safeguarded the legitimate rights and interests of employees, promoted the harmonious labor relations of enterprises, promoted the healthy development of enterprises, achieved the overall goal of seeking common development, mutual benefit and win-win, and formed a vivid situation of "everyone promotes harmony and everyone shares harmony"

in the next step, we will learn from the advanced, enhance our sense of development and innovation, actively participate in the "harmony among 10000 enterprises" activity, carry forward our achievements, and make persistent efforts to create labor relations and build a socialist harmonious enterprise 8 The ball disk testing machine makes greater contributions

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