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Jinan Tianqi polyester ribbon high-strength power saving

at the exhibition, Jinan Tianqi flat ribbon company focused on the newly developed high-strength power-saving polyester ribbon

it is understood that this kind of ribbon is made of high-strength nylon sheet base or new polymer material as the skeleton and high wear-resistant synthetic rubber as the friction layer. It has the characteristics of high strength, high elongation, inserting the end of the test piece into the fixed collet, small length, soft and wear-resistant, high efficiency and power saving, low noise, stable operation, adaptability to high speed, long service life and other comprehensive performance characteristics, and plays an important role in improving the service performance of spinning equipment and yarn quality. It is mainly used for wrapping yarn machine and double twisting machine. Compared with the traditional dragon belt, the power saving rate is as high as 10%~20%. By 5. The text displayed on the display panel of the variable-frequency single column tensile testing machine is clear, whether it will be ambiguous; At present, only three companies in the world, including Tianqi company, can industrialized produce this product, so the market demand is great, and there are many order intentions reached at the exhibition. Judging from the 8-day exhibition, the intended visitors are mainly from Europe, South America, the Middle East, Africa, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Russia and other regions or countries

over the years, Jinan Tianqi special flat belt Co., Ltd. has continuously carried out independent innovation and developed a series of high-tech products with independent intellectual property rights, such as high-strength transmission flat belt, high-speed dragon belt, power-saving spindle belt and rough surface rubber, which are widely used to help them get rid of poverty, rich cup spinning machine, double twister, spinning frame and other new spinning machine equipment

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