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Jinan No.2 Machine Tool: show the strength of "smart manufacturing" to celebrate the 80th birthday

Abstract: Mr. Fernando has not traveled far to specially bring a precious gift of hope to jointly create thousands of tons of power and jointly create value - the "Jier" logo carved in iron and wood, which is personally presented to chairman Zhang Zhigang, looking forward to better cooperation between Jinan No.2 Machine Tool and Ford Motor Company in the future

on October 28, Jinan No.2 Machine Tool Group was decorated and full of friends, with a happy and festive atmosphere. More than 600 friends from all walks of life from the government, industry, users, partners, suppliers and the media gathered together to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the establishment of Jinan No

On the morning of the 28th, the "smart manufacturing development seminar" hosted by China Machine Tool Industry Association and hosted by Jinan No.2 Machine Tool Group was held in the 301 lecture hall of Jill building. Tan Jianrong, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, and Cai Weici, special adviser of the China Machinery Industry Federation, delivered a wonderful speech around intelligent manufacturing, pointing out the role of machine tools and equipment in national economic construction and the trend of intelligent development. Three leading experts from Jinan No.2 Machine Tool Co., Ltd. made special speeches on stamping intelligence and automation, CNC machine tool intelligence and self hardening sand equipment intelligence, and shared their research and development achievements over the years

the on-site product demonstration held on the afternoon of the 28th showed the new achievements of Jinan No.2 machine tool in the development of Intelligent Manufacturing in recent years. It includes three parts: intelligent stamping equipment and automatic feeding system demonstration, high-speed five axis machining machine tool processing demonstration and intelligent manufacturing workshop information system demonstration

the new automatic feeding system of stamping equipment (j-robot) and large five axis linkage CNC machine tools and core functional components demonstrated on the site are the technological achievements of Jinan No.2 machine tool aiming at the high-end demand of the international market and relying on years of independent research and development, which represent the latest intelligent manufacturing level in the world. They are also the achievements of competing with international advanced enterprises, breaking foreign monopolies, and being recognized and verified by the international market

I. demonstration of intelligent stamping equipment and automatic feeding system

on the basis of introducing, digesting and absorbing foreign advanced technology, Jinan No.2 machine tool has used decades of accumulated technology development and manufacturing experience to carry out open independent innovation, integrate the strengths of each family, form its own technical advantages, and master the key core technologies such as servo technology, continuous synchronous control, one key recovery of large stamping equipment, It has achieved synchronous development with the international advanced level

large stamping production lines are generally composed of 4 to 6 stamping equipment hosts and automatic feeding systems. In the past, the feeding system of the stamping production line has been equipped with foreign professional brands. In order to meet the development needs of market intelligence and focus on providing users with complete solutions, after years of painstaking research and development, Jinan No.2 machine tool has overcome more than 40 key core technologies, and successfully developed a new automatic feeding system (j-robot) with independent intellectual property rights. It has achieved complete independent research and development from the beginning of the line, the main machine to the end of the line, and the stamping beat has increased from 15 times per minute to 18 times, with an efficiency increase of 20%. This latest technology, which represents the intellectualization of stamping equipment, can meet the stamping of automobile steel plate, high-strength plate, aluminum plate and splice plate, and meet the development needs of automobile lightweight. Jinan No.2 machine tool has achieved a breakthrough from providing the host machine to the solution of the whole automatic stamping line, which has greatly improved its core competitiveness. At present, this high-speed feeding system has been successfully applied in many users

II. Processing demonstration of high-speed five axis machining machine tool

the products displayed on the site of CNC machine tool include 11 high-speed five axis gantry machining centers, 6 three-axis high-speed gantry machining centers, 1 heavy-duty CNC moving beam gantry boring and milling machine, and 1 set of mobile Langsheng, which provides additional support for hailahuk in the research and development of shell components, and the heavy-duty tool library of movable six axis manipulator

the high-speed five axis gantry machining center displayed on site has two series: overhead bridge and gantry mobile, and its users are aerospace, high-speed rail, cloud rail and other industries. The five axis CNC machine tool of Jinan No.2 Machine Tool Co., Ltd. leads its domestic counterparts in technical performance and product quality, and is close to or reaches the international advanced level. It is mainly used for high-speed, efficient and high-precision machining of large aluminum alloy structural parts of aircraft and launch vehicles, aluminum alloy body parts of high-speed rail and cloud rail. The on-site trial processing is the user's four kinds of aviation and aerospace aluminum alloy siding, large and complex structural parts such as frames, and aluminum body parts of high-speed rail and cloud rail passenger cars

Jinan No.2 Machine Tool Co., Ltd. is the only machine tool enterprise in China that completely independently develops double swing angle CNC universal milling heads and realizes batch supporting applications. All five axis machine tools on site are equipped with double swing angle CNC universal milling heads (five axis heads) with independent intellectual property rights, realizing the import substitution of five axis gantry milling machines and five axis heads

large structural parts in the aviation industry are complex in structure and difficult to process. The required five axis machining and other high-tech key equipment have long relied on foreign imports. Jinan No.2 Machine Tool Co., Ltd. has independently developed double swing angle CNC universal milling heads for more than ten years with the support of major national science and technology projects and a series of policies, including mechanical spindle type double swing angle universal milling head series, motorized spindle type mechanically driven double swing angle universal milling head series, and motorized spindle torque motor driven double swing angle universal milling head series, which can solve the processing of aerospace aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, high-temperature steel and composite parts, The blockade of foreign technology has been completely broken

in the aerospace field, Jinan No.2 Machine Tool Co., Ltd. has provided Shanghai Aerospace Enterprises with a number of gantry machining centers of different types. Among them, xkv2755a × 120 the German milling head originally ordered by the five axis CNC machine tool had serious faults during commissioning, and it was sent back to Germany for repair three times, but the problem was still unsolved. After that, the motorized spindle double swing angle universal milling head independently developed by Jinan No.2 machine tool was successfully used. The machine tool has undertaken important processing tasks in the production and application of three and a half years, and has withstood the test of three shift working system and continuous processing of more than 18 hours a day. Users believe that it can fully meet the processing requirements of large and complex structural parts and can realize import substitution

according to various customized requirements of users, Jinan No.2 machine tool has continuously expanded its market in the competition with foreign enterprises, and has won orders for five axis machine tools from Hongdu airlines, Changhe aircraft, Shenyang aircraft, Xi'an aircraft, Tianjin 211, Sanjiang Aerospace, Beijing 239, Jilin Midas, Dong'an engine and other users. In 2016, it won the order of six large five axis linkage gantry milling machines from AVIC Hanzhong components company and entered the aviation industry in batches; In 2017, the market expanded to the field of light rail and won the order of BYD cloud rail 35m large five axis linkage gantry milling machine. So far, Jinan No.2 Machine Tool Co., Ltd. has realized the batch application of more than 50 five axis CNC machine tools equipped with independent intellectual property rights double swing angle milling heads, providing various solutions from low-speed high torque to high-speed high feed, from aluminum alloy to ferrous metal and composite materials, from high metal removal rate to complex curved surfaces, and realizing the transformation from a single equipment provider to providing overall solutions for users in key industries

for a long time, Jinan No.2 machine tool has adhered to the craftsman spirit of concentration, diligence and dedication, and the pursuit of perfection, adhered to technological innovation and independent research and development, worked closely with users in aerospace, high-speed rail and other industries, as well as scientific research institutions, and worked together to break the foreign blockade. The products have been successfully applied in major national projects such as aerospace, energy, high-speed rail, molds, and realized the industrialization of domestic high-end five axis linkage machine tools, It has made important contributions to safeguarding national economic security and national defense security

in addition, the mobile six axis manipulator heavy-duty tool magazine independently developed by Jinan No.2 Machine Tool Co., Ltd. was also displayed on the site of the processing workshop, which can realize the automatic replacement of super heavy-duty tools above 85kg, which is the first in China

III. demonstration of information system of intelligent manufacturing workshop

Jinan No.2 machine tool has strengthened the integration application of industrialization and industrialization, improved the digital manufacturing capacity, realized the informatization and intelligent upgrading of the manufacturing system, implemented the Sino German industry 4.0 intelligent manufacturing demonstration project and the application project of the new intelligent manufacturing mode of the Ministry of industry and information technology, and combined with the actual production and operation, based on the ERP application, established an intelligent manufacturing workshop, integrating PLM, ERP, DNC and other systems, Through the data link of the whole product life cycle, the integrated collaborative application of design, process, production and manufacturing is realized. Machine tool operators swipe their cards to log in to the system, accept work tasks, browse electronic drawings and processes, and complete processing tasks for self inspection and work reporting; The electronic visual board of the workshop shows the production status of the workshop in real time, and realizes the application of electronization, process, transparency and paperless. It is at the leading level in China among multi variety, single piece, small batch and discrete enterprises

in terms of intelligent manufacturing core support software, intelligent stamping equipment and automatic feeding system cover five core technologies: trajectory planning, motion simulation, beat optimization, synchronous control, and operation and maintenance. At the same time, it can provide a development platform in 2d/3d environment, realize the precise coordination between virtual simulation and actual operation, and improve the production efficiency and operation reliability of the whole line, The one key recovery system of the equipment can automatically recover to the initial state of the whole line after failure shutdown

serve the interconnection application of intelligent manufacturing workshop, build a remote diagnosis network platform of equipment, which is compatible with PC and mobile terminal, and realize the digital application of the whole line equipment operation status collection, data analysis and self diagnosis, fault diagnosis, equipment operation and maintenance prompt and operation guidance

IV. The Japanese automobile factory in the United States made every effort to build a world-famous brand of Jier

on October 12, Jinan No.2 machine tool won the order of 5600 tons of large-scale high-speed stamping line from the American factory of Nissan, and entered the North American market of Japanese automobile enterprises for the first time. This is another important breakthrough in overseas market after Ford project

5600 ton large metal anchor rod and anchor cable tensile test type stamping line is equipped with IHI's automatic feeding system by Jinan No.2 Machine Tool Co., Ltd. in cooperation with IHI company in Japan. Previously, the two sides had good cooperation in four 18 large stamping lines in Xiangfan factory, Zhengzhou factory and Dalian factory of Nissan, and this time they joined hands to enter the North American market again

as we all know, Japanese enterprises have always had a strong local concept and national consciousness. In addition, Japan is also a manufacturing power, and has many machinery manufacturing enterprises with competitive advantages in the international market, which can optimize the performance of lithium battery components. Therefore, the three major Japanese automobile companies have long been the first choice of domestic stamping equipment. The entry of Jinan No.2 machine tool into the North American factory of Japanese cars is undoubtedly a new breakthrough, and it also proves once again that the pace of Jier brand entering the global market has been accelerating, and the competitive pattern of the world stamping Market is undergoing profound changes

previously, Jinan No.2 Machine Tool Co., Ltd. has won fortune in a row

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