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Jincheng smart street light can prompt low-lying waterlogged road sections

"Hello, you are in a deep waterlogged area, and the water depth ahead is 25 cm, which reminds you to pay attention to travel safety." On July 9, a rainstorm came to Tianjin. As soon as the travelling citizens walked in front of the low-lying waterlogged area near the lamp pole of No. 1 road and No. 1 base road in wangchuanchang, Tianjin, they heard a prompt sound overhead, as if it were "extraneous sound"

it turns out that the basic road light pole located at the intersection of wangchuanchang No.1 road and Huachang street looks ordinary. In fact, a "smart light cap" is installed, which integrates the monitoring camera and voice broadcasting function, and cooperates with the water level monitoring device installed in the middle of the pole. Whenever the water depth exceeds the set value, the monitoring camera will send an alarm to the backstage when someone enters the area, and the staff will remotely remind pedestrians through broadcasting. 4 Rubber: it is used to detect the wear resistance of rubber tires, and the intelligent linkage of city sensing devices such as surveillance cameras, water level sensors, voice broadcasting, etc. makes street lamps like the "eyes" and "mouths" of smart cities, providing more services to the people

the State Grid Corporation of China proposed the construction of ubiquitous power IOT, which provides unlimited possibilities for the construction of smart cities. In June this year, Tianjin electric power company actively applied the ubiquitous power IOT technology, combined with the construction of Tianjin smart city, and took the lead in the development and pilot application of smart streetlight sensing and sharing platform. The two smart streetlights appeared on the stage in front of Tianjin China new eco city Tianjin Integrated Energy Service center, realizing the conditions including municipal well covers, garbage cans overflowing, temperature and humidity, PM2.5 Real time monitoring and perception of environmental data such as wind direction, application and expansion of various functions such as security, transportation and municipal administration, and expansion of 17 specific social service functions in 10 categories by Sigri experts' analysis and imitation of materials. Smart streetlights build "high-rise residential areas" for all kinds of urban perception devices, realizing the vertical development and expansion of urban spatial resources

in order to provide a broader and more direct life for the people 10 With perfect limit protection function and the perception and service of overload, overcurrent protection, automatic shutdown of experimental fracture and other functions, Tianjin Electric Power Co., Ltd. takes "smart lamp cap" as a breakthrough and focuses on supporting the construction of smart city to further develop and utilize the comprehensive functions of street lamp poles. "We will give full play to the role of the smart streetlight platform, classify the construction land of smart cities, build customized smart streetlight poles, build product maps, and match the service needs of different application scenarios." Liujunyan, the on-site person in charge of the Tianjin Street Lamp office, introduced

in the next two years, China Tianjin electric power will gradually upgrade and transform more than 10 road light poles in Tianjin's Italian style area and transportation hub area. The upgraded smart street lights will be combined with cutting-edge technologies such as ground projection and virtual reality to carry out "personalized customization" construction of smart street lights in specific time and space places, combined with the actual matching of different scenes and the corresponding service functions of the produced plates or profiles, For example, traffic tips, public security monitoring, manhole cover monitoring and other functions are matched on the road, convenient charging, one click Help, pedestrian flow monitoring and other functions are matched in the scenic spot, and map display, parking space monitoring and other functions are matched in the park, so as to realize a more accurate sense and service of street lamps to society and people's lives. (Su Xiaomei, correspondent leiyuchuan)

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