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Jinbo valve group was selected into the list of "top 50 private valve enterprises in the world"

recently, the "2019 world's best brands list" jointly prepared and released by the world brand laboratory and the world entrepreneur group was announced at the "world brand conference" in Hong Kong. Jinbo valve group was selected into the list of "top 50 world civil valve enterprises" and achieved 19th place with a brand value of 3.768 billion. Recently, the list of the world's best brands in 2019, jointly compiled and released by the world brand laboratory and the world entrepreneur group, was announced at the "world brand conference" in Hong Kong. Jinbo valve group was selected into the list of "top 50 world civil valve enterprises" and achieved 19th place with a brand value of 3.768 billion. Compared with last year, the ranking has increased by 2 places, and the brand value has increased by 14%, breaking through the siege from many international competitors, adding the only Chinese red to the civil valve brand list

the world brand conference is committed to comprehensively considering the brand value of enterprises from three aspects: the brand performance of enterprises, the highly differentiated consumer influence of products that have obtained the excellent sustainability label certification, and the sustainable profitability of brands. It is an authoritative list with global influence. As the only Chinese civil valve enterprise listed on the list, Jinbo is the only enterprise that continues to rise in the valve field, which fully shows that Jinbo has gradually formed a benign synergy among the three elements of product, market and brand, demonstrating the innovation and vitality of the enterprise and entering the ranks of international civil valve brands

it is worth mentioning that since it was first selected in 2015, Jinbo has been on the list for five consecutive years, and has maintained a strong growth momentum every year. Its advantages are: simple structure, a "super valve brand" with great influence in the world civil valve industry

the 24-year journey is long, and brand building is far away.

the global brand ranking list is an authoritative list that considers the brand value of all industries around the world. Every ranking is the result of the competition of major well-known enterprises. Only 100 major brands in the world can be listed on the list, and China's civil valve enterprises have only Jinbo. Since its establishment in 1995, Jinbo has created a first-class folk valve brand with innovative products and high-quality services, showing the charm of made in China to global consumers

over the past 24 years, Jinbo has been committed to building aerospace quality civil valves and improving the matching ability and innovation ability of valves, so as to provide a full range of valve solutions for household needs. Jinbo has strict internal control management standards throughout the manufacturing process, which runs through all links from R & D center, foundry, high-end assembly to testing factory. Its gate valve, stop valve, check valve, butterfly valve, ball valve, regulating valve and other products have been recognized by users and engineering companies in the global industry for their quality and continuous innovation ability. They are widely used in the National Stadium Bird's nest project, CCTV office building, China Pavilion of the WorldExpo, Beijing Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing Academy of science and technology, Yunnan Shangri La airport, Harbin West Railway Station, Wuhan International Exhibition Center Vietnam Tai'an hydropower project and other major projects at home and abroad

with further business expansion, Jinbo actively responded to the national "the Belt and Road" initiative, explored leapfrog development models such as strategic cooperation and foreign investment, explored international markets, extended the industrial chain, and constantly optimized the industrial layout to enhance the overall market competitiveness. Its products are sold to more than 120 countries and regions around the world, such as Germany, Britain, France, Italy and so on

plum blossom fragrance comes from the bitter cold, and adheres to research and innovation.

although the direct expression of brand value lies in the profitability of the brand and consumer influence, it is not difficult to find that all well-known enterprises on the list take independent innovation and self transcendence as the core strategy of brand development. The reason why Jinbo valve group can be listed for five consecutive years is that it adheres to long-term independent research and development and innovation, and takes this as the source power of brand improvement, and finally builds an international refugee valve brand belonging to China

Jinbo has a strong R & D team, advanced production and testing equipment, environmental protection facilities and strict production technology, modern, digital and process management and control system, and dozens of product patents. Equipped with industry-leading automatic production equipment and testing equipment, with 750 tons, 250 tons, 200 tons and other common faults and troubleshooting methods of national high and low temperature impact testing machines, internal and external advanced open and closed presses, precision instrument lathes, CNC lathes, valve special machines, with a set of strict whole process monitoring system from raw materials to finished products, effectively ensuring the precision quality of Jinbo products. Jinbo Valve Group Co., Ltd. has been working with Ningbo Institute of material technology and engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Zhejiang University to jointly plan the product research and development of the control company

Mao Tonglian, chairman of Jinbo, said: "innovative research and development, as a top-level strategy, is a long-term system task. The group will rely on the original provincial research institutes and the newly established technology platform of the R & D center, strengthen the deep integration of informatization and intelligence, increase investment in R & D of high-tech products, and develop more high-quality valves."

behind the innovative technology from products to services is the brilliance of Jinbo valve group with more than 20 years of unremitting R & D investment and self transcendence

water can carry a boat but also capsize it. Adhering to the principle of consumer first

while adhering to independent research and development and innovation, Jinbo also knows the truth that "water can carry a boat but also capsize it". Consumers who make Jinbo a success are also the biggest judges of corporate brands. Therefore, Jinbo has always been committed to transforming scientific and technological achievements into the true demands of consumers

with the rapid development of the valve industry, the market demand is becoming increasingly personalized, diversified and customized, and the enterprise competition is also intensifying. The requirements for flexibility and flexible production of valve manufacturing are constantly improving. To this end, Jinbo has always been based on consumer demand, accelerated the improvement of flexible and flexible production capacity, put forward the concept of "full house customized valves", and created a one-stop shopping and sales mode

on the basis of having strong R & D capabilities and high-tech and high-performance products, Jinbo takes the customization of whole house valves as the leader to drive the development of related industries, including drainage system, gas system, urban heating, HVAC, pipe fittings, etc., forming a diversified industrial pattern, and gradually becoming a domestic comprehensive modern whole house valve integrated service provider. Its first "one-stop whole house customization" valve home decoration scheme can be implemented online. Through interconnection or contacting the customer service of Jinbo valve group, it puts forward the demand for whole house customization of valves - the customer service arranges a special person to conduct direct door-to-door survey - the designer designs the scheme according to customer needs - the customer selection scheme - the customized production of intelligent factory - Jinbo delivers goods to the door and is responsible for installation with a high technical threshold - customer acceptance, It enables Jinbo to truly realize integrated design, one-stop selection, package services, and one-stop solutions to design, decoration, material selection, after-sales and other issues, which not only leads the development of China's high-end civil valve industry, but also provides high-quality home life for tens of millions of families

for a long time, Jinbo has adhered to the corporate culture of "consumer centered". This time, another success in the global brand ranking is the inevitable result of its decades of insistence on manufacturing and serving consumers with ingenuity. By creating the ultimate user experience, Jinbo valve group will eventually make more and more consumers understand, appreciate and recognize Jinbo, and build an international first-class civil valve brand with consumer reputation

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