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Jinan "Qianjin No.1" shield machine on the rail transit R1 line to achieve "North-South excavation"

Jinan "Qianjin No.1" shield machine on the rail transit R1 line to achieve "North-South excavation"

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on July 31, Qianjin No.1 shield machine successfully started, and the basic framework of Yanmazhuang west station was completed

on July 31, the shield machine Qianjin No.1 of Jinan rail transit line R1 started successfully.

    after the first shield machine of Jinan rail transit line R1 started on July 23, at 9:17 a.m. yesterday, the second shield machine of Jinan rail transit line R1, Qianjin No. 1, at Yanmazhuang west station located in China Railway 10th Bureau, will consider it as causing damage to the environment and affecting health. The construction site smoothly started towards Jinan west station, marking that the construction of underground section of rail transit line R1 has realized the North-South simultaneous excavation. The basic framework structure of Yanmazhuang west station has also been completed, and the prototype is emerging

                                       81. This shield machine named Qianjin No.1 is also a large-diameter tunnel produced by Jinan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. VTT plans to be more inclined to industrial processing and excavation artifacts in the development work. In the morning, at the starting site of the shield machine 18 meters underground of Yanmazhuang west station, we saw that with the command of the on-site commander, the cutter head slowly rotates, and the shield body emits a huge roar, and the staff are busy debugging various devices, In the afternoon, the excavation officially began

   it is understood that the heading line of Qianjin No. 1 is north-south, mainly along Qilu Avenue, and the main line is about 4 kilometers long, including the section from Yanmazhuang west station to Jinan west station, and the section from Jinan west station to dayangzhuang station. During the construction period, the shield method is adopted to minimize the impact on ground traffic and reduce noise and vibration

   this is the first departure of Qianjin No.1. When we arrive at Jinan west railway station, we have to experience a second departure. According to the relevant person in charge of the project Department of bid 2 of the underground section of line R1 of China Railway 10th Bureau on the booth of Harbin Institute of technology, because Jinan west railway station has reserved a rail transit channel for line R1, the station and other ancillary facilities can be used only by reconstruction, so Qianjin No.1 does not need to directly go through Jinan west railway station, After arriving, the machine is dismantled and lifted out of the ground, transported to the south end of Jinan west station, hoisted from the shield shaft to the underground, reassembled and commissioned, and then continued shield construction to dayangzhuang station

                                    81. At present, the basic framework of the station has been built, which can be described as the embryonic form

  Yanmazhuang west station is a two-story underground station, with a total length of more than 300 meters, accounting for almost all the sections from Qingdao Road to Liaocheng road of Qilu Avenue. On the first floor of the underground, the outer and internal walls have been built here, and a large number of construction units are concentrated in the middle of the station. In the future, this will be the ticket purchase and entry channel of yanmaxi station. The second floor of the underground is now occupied by a large part of the shield machine with a length of more than 80 meters. In the future, this will be the platform and vehicle tunnel for citizens to take rail transit line R1

    on the east side of Qianjin No.1, it is noted that the excavation opening of the south to north line of R1 line has also been planned. According to the staff of the project Department of China Railway 10th Bureau, their second shield machine will also be hoisted and commissioned next month. The starting will be started after the excavation of Qianjin No.1 for a period of time, so that the two shield machines can jointly complete the underground double line shield construction of two stations and two sections of dayangzhuang Jinan west station and Yanmazhuang west station

                               8195. During the excavation of Qianjin No.1, will it have an adverse impact on the groundwater of the western new city? To implement the development strategy of efficient and green plastic granulator, how to effectively control the large amount of dust generated during rail transit construction

    the relevant person in charge of the R1 Line Project Department of China Railway 10th Bureau said that the excavation depth of the foundation pit of Yanmazhuang west station reached 18.2 meters, with a total length of 359.6 meters. Due to the high groundwater level at the foundation pit, it is not conducive to the normal progress of underground construction. To this end, the project department has adopted a relatively mature dewatering measure of water stop curtain to avoid the collapse of foundation pit caused by water soaking

   the excavation of foundation pit will inevitably cause groundwater loss. Only by recharging the lost groundwater can the groundwater level be ensured. It is understood that the project department has specially installed two sets of groundwater recharge systems to recycle the construction water and recharge it underground. While interviewing the shield machine, the reinjection system on the side is constantly collecting groundwater

   it is worth mentioning that the project department has installed a dust proximity system at the construction site of Yanmazhuang west station, which can not only monitor the air quality and dust status in real time, but also spray automatically or manually, which ensures the dynamic supervision and control of dust on the construction site

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