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Metso's acquisition of tamfelt revealed a new blueprint for development

- in 2009, tamfelt, a world-renowned industrial fabric manufacturer, reached an agreement with Metso. Metso officially became the parent company of tamfelt through equity acquisition, and obtained all the equity of tamfelt on May 4, 2010, Since then, tamfeldt has become a new Department of Metso's pulp and paper business, and Metso's fabric business line was born

perfect combination promotes development

tamfeldt company, founded in jokioinen, Finland, in 1797, has a history of more than 210 years. The company began to produce machine blankets in 1882, which marked the beginning of the transformation from the traditional textile industry to the papermaking industry. Prior to the merger with Metso, tamfeldt had set up seven factories in five countries around the world, becoming a technology leader with cutting-edge products in industrial fabrics, especially in the field of papermaking

for Metso, which is already a world giant in the field of papermaking equipment, although the company has discussed whether it should have its own paper machine fabric products for decades, fabric production has always been lacking. With the increasing size of paper machine and the combination of fabric and paper machine, the cooperation between paper machine manufacturers and fabric manufacturers has become inevitable

as early as the 1970s, the predecessor of Metso, Valmet, acquired part of the equity of tamfilt with great insight, opening the prelude to the cooperation between the two companies in product research and development, market development, customer maintenance and so on

in recent years, Metso has achieved rapid development in pulp and paper, mining, power and energy industries. According to the needs of the market, Metso, which is committed to improving the supply chain and expanding its service business, has decided to launch more of its own products in fabric manufacturing. After analyzing all the plans, the acquisition of tamfildt became the target of Metso

on the one hand, tamfeldt has the world's advanced technology and rich production experience in fabric manufacturing, and its products cover pulp and paper, mining, power and energy and other industries, which not only does not overlap with Metso products, but also is a perfect supplement to Metso products,; On the other hand, the two companies are both Finnish enterprises with similar regional and corporate cultures. They not only understand each other, but also have a good cooperation history of more than 30 years. For Metso, tamfeldt is really the best choice

at the same time, the strong strength of Metso is also something that tamfeldt can't refuse. In the current increasingly competitive environment, Metso's global service network and high market share will also create more opportunities for tamfilt's products to open up new markets

subsequently, the sincere cooperation intention of both parties and the fair and reasonable acquisition plan of Metso made the merger process very smooth. Love for many years, and finally achieved a perfect combination in 2009. Ruima, President of Metso textile business line, gave an image metaphor for the acquisition

users are the biggest winners

both original Metso users and tamfildt users have affirmed and expected this acquisition

in Metso's announcement on the acquisition to the shareholders of the two companies, it was mentioned that user satisfaction is our priority. The merger will not change our service to users, and we will continue to help users achieve their goals in the respective fields of pulping and papermaking. Our users can immediately get a wider range of products and get our services through their original ways

after the acquisition, users who used to only use tamfilt products without Metso equipment can now obtain more application experience and solutions in pulp and paper production from Metso, which improves the efficiency of problem handling. For users of Metso, the revenue is more obvious. From multiple purchases in the past, all highly competitive products from pulp and yarn, paper machine, automation, fabric and services can be obtained only from Metso. Metso will save users a lot of time from procurement, installation, commissioning and production

president Rima said: in the future, some of the original tamfilt brands will continue to be used, and then gradually transition to the brand of Metso fabric. But no matter which brand it is, Metso's high-quality products and perfect services are the same for every user

realize continuous innovation on the shoulders of giants

tamfeldt's products can be divided into two parts: one is to provide large and medium-sized paper machines with products including molding, drying, blankets, boot covers and so on; The second is to provide filtration for pulp mills, mining, power energy, construction and large-scale cleaning industries. Before being incorporated into the Metso system, tamfeldt had a high market share in the supply market of large paper machines (with a width of more than 7.5 meters) and pulp lines. Especially for the filtration produced by pulp mills, the global market share exceeds 80%. In addition to supply, tamfeldt is also relatively comprehensive in fabric services, including drainage test, speed difference test, troubleshooting, labor training of forming department and pressing department, permeability and suture analysis in shutdown service, temperature test and humidity test in bag area in operation service, etc

before the acquisition of tamfildt, fabric was a blank for meizhuo's supply and services including filling and reinforcing materials, and it was also a short board for its continuous research and development of advanced paper machine technology. After the acquisition, both parties will have no trade secrets. Metso fabric will combine the research and development of paper machine and fabric to innovate more cost-effective products from the original high starting point of tamfilt with the advantages of both parties

in fact, long before the merger, the products of the two companies had cooperated with many high-performance paper machines, such as the No. 12 paper machine of svarnaveden paper factory in Stora Enso, Sweden, the No. 1 paper machine of UPM China Changshu and the No. 6 paper machine of APP Ningbo Zhonghua

for future product innovation, President Rima is full of confidence: it has set off an industry investment and M & a boom. Meizhuo R & D center now has 550 employees and has various pilot plants including pulp line, paper machine and printing. In the future, Metso will make the best use of these pilot factories in the product development of Metso fabrics. New products of fabrics can be tested on the machine as soon as they are off the production line, accelerating the research and development of new products. At the same time, our pilot plant can also, according to the requirements of users, from pulp line to copying, then to calendering, coating and even printing, so that users can see the final product, so as to convince users more effectively

deeply cultivate the Chinese market

today, when the global paper industry looks at China, any world-renowned paper equipment enterprise will not give up the Chinese market and go to China, which has become the common choice of these enterprises

in this regard, although tamfeldt is only an accessory manufacturer if all vanadium flow battery technology can be fully commercialized in the energy storage market, like Metso, they also began to layout in China early. Tamfeldt has entered the Chinese market for 25 years, and then established a factory in China through a joint venture. Since 2005, the company plans to set up a wholly-owned factory. In 2007, Shanghai Jiading factory, which mainly produces filtration, was put into operation; In 2008, Tianjin Binhai Free Trade Zone factory, which mainly produces dry and molding products, was put into operation. At present, the two factories have nearly 200 employees, mainly supplying goods to the Asia Pacific region and North America. After the acquisition, the company accelerated the research and development of such products with short process, high efficiency, replaceable imports and good market prospects. The two factories also included Metso fabrics and became a new member of Metso in China

it is understood that at present, the products of Metso fabrics in two factories in China are still mainly exported, only 1/3 of which are sold domestically, and all raw materials are imported products. Talking about the localization development in China in the future, President Rima said: in the long run, Metso will strive to realize the localization of procurement and supply of Chinese factories, but this process still needs time, and Metso has strict selection procedures for suppliers, and will consider using it only when the product quality is qualified. At the same time, the company has carried out technical cooperation with research institutions in Guangzhou and Shanghai, and these cooperation will be more extensive in the future

talking about the development in China, President Rima also introduced his experience when he participated in the establishment of Xi'an weimeide in the 1980s. He said: compared with that time, today's meizhuo has set up many branches in China, and many Chinese people are senior executives in meizhuo. We have a better understanding of Chinese culture, and the workflow is more familiar and professional

go to China and take root in China. The rapidly developing Chinese market is giving meizhuo a wider and larger stage

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