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Melamine producers in Asia will raise product prices in the fourth quarter

according to foreign media reports, manufacturers and traders said on Thursday that the contract price of melamine in Asia in the fourth quarter may be increased by about 10%, because recently a series of unexpected plant downtime led to tight supply

they are seeking to raise the quotation from $100/ton to $1, 250/ton (cost and freight, Southeast Asia). The contract price will be negotiated in the coming weeks. "Prices are expected to rise significantly because supply is very tight in the fourth quarter," said a Japanese trader

the supply of melamine in Asia is tight. Recently, some units in South Korea, Japan, China and Indonesia have significantly reduced production due to production cuts, unplanned downtime, or closures. In the past month, two melamine plants in Indonesia had to reduce their operating rates due to production problems and the interruption of urea raw material supply

a 60000 T/a plant of a European company in Indonesia was shut down for an extended period until September due to mechanical failure. Sri melamine rezeki (SMR) in Sumatra, Indonesia, had to cut the operating rate by 40% and maintain the load rate of 60% for several weeks due to the limitation of urea raw material supply

there has been no "we are following the guidance of nature" recently. Joshua Martin, a doctoral student, explained that he plans to cut power and production. Melamine and urea raw material plants have been closed under pressure or relocated to the rising environmental problems in more densely populated areas. In China, Shandong Haihua chemical plant has closed its 27000 ton/year melamine plant in Weifang due to long-term environmental problems

Mitsubishi Chemical of Japan closed its 35000 T/a plant in Kagoshima in March because of adverse market conditions, while Samsung fine chemical plant of South Korea also closed its 35000 T/a plant in Ulsan last year

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