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Metso glue roller coating has been used for 55 weeks.

M-real Simpele paper mill in Finland. After long-term discussion, the rubber coating of the press roller in the sizing pressing area before the paperboard machine (BM3) for its No. 3 carton was finally replaced by sizehawk ZL coating. There is no doubt that the paper mill has been satisfied with the perfect wear resistance, uniform contour and surface roughness of the coating

since the extensive transformation of its BM3 in 2006, M-real Simpele has used the valsizer membrane sizing and pressing technology in its paperboard production line. From the elongation of some materials, Jochen henkels, the business director of road sign construction of Evonik, said: "The ideal solution is to install the horizontal stripes made of the cold plastic degarue above 1000%. From then on until the spring of 2009, the pressing roller in the pressing area had to be replaced every 3-5 weeks because the surface coating was soon damaged.

the replacement cycle of the roller is too short, so we need a coating with excellent wear resistance and deformation resistance. The sizehawk ZL coating provided by Metso meets our requirements." It is required that its potential excellence continue to be prioritized, and the pilot can convince us, said Harri siitonen, service manager of the paper mill

BM3 paperboard machine produces high-quality folding carton board with a ration of 205 ~ 340g/m2, which is mainly used for food packaging. The maximum speed of the paperboard machine is 600 m/min, and its trimming width is 4040 mm. In September, 2010, M-real officially announced its plan to increase the current 80000 T/a capacity of the paperboard machine to 300000 t/a by 2011

the replacement cycle of the roller is too short, so we need a coating with excellent wear resistance and deformation resistance. Sizehawk ZL Wraith fishing gear provided by Metso kills more than 100000 whales, dolphins and seals every year. The coating meets our requirements, and its potential excellent performance convinces us, said Harri siitonen, service manager of the paper mill

avoid replacing more than 10 pairs of rollers

in the spring of 2009, the first pair of rollers covered by sizehawk ZL roller coating were installed on BM3. It took more than a year to replace them after 55 weeks. Even after such a long running record, the coating is still in good condition. For example, its surface roughness is still at the same level as when it was just installed. The paper mill praises the glue roller and the new coating

this saves us 10 ~ 15 pairs of roller replacement every year. Accordingly, grinding with the same number of rollers is no longer necessary, siitonen explained

in addition, the life cycle of the rod scraper developed and applied to the sizing machine has also been extended from 4 weeks to 4 months, or even longer. The successful cooperation between M-real Simpele paper mill and Metso experts made this result possible and realized the wishes of the paper mill

simpele paper mill currently operates four sets of sizehawk ZL rubber covered rollers. So far, Metso has provided about 150 sets of sizehawk ZL rubber covered rollers to pulp and paper mills all over the world

sizehawk bears wear and maintains its roughness

membrane sizing press for surface sizing is usually used in the production of paper and paperboard to improve the surface properties of paper and paperboard. In most cases, it is an application process, and interference such as web breakage and roller changes will cause unplanned downtime. Barrier free surface sizing and longer roller grinding intervals result in efficient productivity

sizehawk ZL has excellent wear resistance, which leads to a long grinding time interval. Moreover, the composition of the coating layer makes it have great resistance to deformation and scratch, which is very important for whether the filler in the paper that passes through the pressing area with the paper web will scratch or press out traces on the coating layer when the paper web is broken

the surface roughness of the coating is at least 1.4 m and remains at this level throughout the grinding cycle. In this way, the best film transfer and uniform surface sizing can be obtained as far as possible

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