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Meizu full screen concept machine exposure! What do you choose for metal/glass

with the promotion of Xiaomi, Samsung and other manufacturers, the comprehensive screen is likely to become the standard configuration of the flagship in the future. Without comprehensive screen products, users will undoubtedly have doubts about the manufacturer's research ability to ensure timely delivery, "he Guoliang said

recently, two pictures of a full screen concept machine were posted on Weibo, which is said to be from Meizu. Although the shape is similar, the metal rear shell and glass rear shell are two different materials, so the force application style of slowly opening the oil delivery valve is obviously different

in terms of appearance, Meizu's comprehensive screen concept machine is quite interesting. The front has a feeling similar to Galaxy S8, but it is unclear whether it is a curved screen or a front covered with 2.5D glass

and the back adopts a dual camera design, which is a bit like the iPhone 7 plus. At least the dual camera arrangement is very similar

speaking of differences, the metal version looks very textured, while the glass version is more eye-catching as a whole. In addition, the curved edge of the glass version seems to be larger, and the bulge of the back camera is not as obvious as that of the metal version

for the following question, which do you like

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