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Metso signed a five-year strategic research agreement with jktech company

Metso signed a five-year strategic research agreement with jktech company

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recently, Metso signed a five-year strategic research agreement with jktech company of the University of Queensland, aiming to develop a new generation of energy-saving mineral processing technology and services. The agreement is part of a plan between Metso and jktech of the University of Queensland. In this plan, Metso and the University of Queensland will cooperate with major mining companies in Chile to develop it into a Regional Innovation Center for mineral processing. The research work will be carried out in existing mines in Chile, closely focusing on the strategic needs of customers. The four main research topics of the research plan are rough grinding, ball milling, classification and coarse particle flotation, striving to achieve the efficient utilization of production capacity, energy and water resources

"The purpose of this unique research program is to propose important measures to develop equipment and methods to build a new generation of mineral concentrators. The attraction of the program is that each technology provides the possibility to rebuild the existing beneficiation performance, and can be applied in other mines around the world. For Metso, the program can strengthen the partnership with major mining companies in Chile and consolidate its industry leadership as a supplier of energy-efficient mineral processing technology and services Leading position. " Meizhuo mining and construction president said

Dr. benadair of the University of Queensland will lead the research project. He has maintained a long-term cooperative relationship with Metso, especially in the field of process control and equipment application in mineral plants for different occasions

at present, some mining companies in Chile have begun to contact jktech and Metso, and they have a strong interest in the co creation model of research and technology development. In addition to the resources of Metso, jktech and participating mining companies, several experts in various fields have also made it clear to participate in the project and provide advice

"We are pleased to form a partnership with Metso in this exciting project. The new generation of beneficiation technology will bring changes in energy, capital efficiency and production characteristics to the global mineral processing industry. The project is based on a long-term partnership with the University of Queensland, especially the Institute for sustainable minerals, SMI jkmrc and jktech. The alliance with Metso will put us at the forefront of sustainable mineral processing technology. The project time is urgent, and we are looking forward to a series of innovative achievements. " Dr. benadai, deputy director of the Institute for sustainable minerals, said

"the mineral processing industry has always been concerned about energy, water resources and sustainable development, but in our view, most activities are progressive development, and far from the future demand for efficient development of ore bodies (such as low ore grade, high hardness, fine-grained grade) 。 The University of Queensland is our ideal partner. It has many years of experience in mineral processing and has formulated future development plans. The project is eye-catching and feasible. The current plan fully reflects these concepts, and at the same time, it is noted that the company plans to launch 3D sprint 2.5 this week to obtain lithium resources, reduce production costs and improve capital efficiency, "commented kennethbrame, President of Metso mining and construction mineral processing solutions business line

"the rise of energy costs, the decline of ore grade, the utilization rate of water resources and production capacity are particularly important business issues for mining enterprises in Chile. The impact of this research project on the above issues is of practical significance, and the potential capacity is gratifying. At the same time, it also provides a good opportunity for Metso to establish a better relationship with industry customers, and enhance Metso's technical capacity in Chile." Said aldocermenati, senior vice president of Metso mining and construction Pacific Rim market

jktech is a technology transfer company under the Institute for sustainable minerals (SMI) of the University of Queensland (UQ), and has participated in the establishment of Chile smi-ice, an international mining center of excellence. The center is one of the 12 centers established by the Chilean Ministry of economy and the Chilean economic development agency to develop Chile into a regional innovation center in many industries

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