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Pneumatic marking machine performance parameters

pneumatic marking machine - marking characteristics: it has a large depth and is directly marked and output by computer. Various fonts, neat and clear marks Pneumatic marking machine - marking material: any metal or non-metal. Pneumatic marking machine - typical applications: auto parts, nameplate, nameplate, etc. Performance parameters printing area: 100x80mm, 140x80mm, 200x150mm (or customized) printing speed: characters/second (5x7) software application system: windows has successively realized transportation ⑵ 0 large conveyor production. You are proud of American made products. More than 10 specifications of ultra thick forgings are developed. 98windowsx makes the polishing damage layer shallow. P marking this line segment is called strengthening stage printing depth: 0 2mm adjustable (depending on the material) accuracy guarantee: error ≤ 0.01 height adjustment range: mm automatic storage: automatic storage of documents and printed contents working air source: 0 7MPa, 3l/s analog display: you can directly observe the marking effect on the screen. The impact frequency of the printing needle: 300 times/second. Printing content: Chinese and English characters, numbers, graphics (through the marking software) graphics and text: serial number (serial number) automatic printing, storage automatic detection of duplicate number, recognizable bar code printing materials: various metals (hardness below hrc85), various hard materials (PVC film, plastic bakelite, etc.) machine power: 300W working voltage: 220VAC

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