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Performance parameters and conventional application of sewage pump

sewage pump is a kind of non clogging pump, which has many forms: such as submersible and dry-type. At present, the most common submersible type is WQ submersible sewage pump, and the most common dry-type sewage pump is W-type horizontal sewage pump and WL type vertical sewage pump. It is mainly used to transport urban sewage, and there is fiber in feces or liquids. For the medium of solid particles such as paper scraps, the temperature of the conveyed medium is usually not greater than 80 ℃. Because the conveyed medium contains fibers that are easy to wind or clump. Therefore, the flow passage of this kind of pump is easy to be blocked. Once the pump is blocked, the pump will not work normally, and even burn the motor, resulting in poor sewage discharge. It has a serious impact on urban life and environmental protection. Therefore, anti blocking and reliability are important factors for the quality of sewage pumps

the 4th sewage pump is an application name. In fact, the application of rubber lined slurry pump as a horizontal sewage pump is very good. In the treatment of industrial sewage, because the combustion performance reaches grade A1 (GB8624), the smoke toxicity reaches grade AQ1 (gb/t20285), the thermal conductivity ≤ 0.052w/(m2k) (g the national aluminum output is 3.28 million tons b/t10295), the sewage contains acidic or alkaline substances, and the use of rubber lined pumps is very widespread. According to some application cases of stone pump industry, the use of rubber sheath and metal impeller in rubber lined pump can not only achieve the high pressure and efficiency of metal pump, but also give full play to the corrosion resistance of rubber material. In the treatment of urban sewage, a filter is usually added in front of the sewage treatment tank to block the fiber entanglement in front of the suction port of the pump, so that it cannot enter the pump chamber, so that the pump can work better and have a longer service life

parameters of sewage pump: pump performance parameters polarization

(1) flow range: generally q = 0.2 ~ 10000m3/h, now there is a trend towards polarization. The maximum flow of submersible sewage pump produced by Swedish ABS pump company is q = 25000m3/h, while that of Spain Bomba. The minimum flow of Elias' submersible sewage pump q = 0.02m3/h.

(2) lift: generally H = 10 ~ 100m, which is particularly obvious in the direction of two poles. The maximum lift of mepec dirty pump is h = 150m, while the maximum lift of Disco Filo's submersible sewage pump can reach H = 400m Japanese EIM electric machinery industry zhuosha submersible sewage pump minimum lift H = 1m

(3) motor power: submersible sewage pump motor power, generally 1 ~ 600kW, Bomba, Spain. The minimum power of Elias company is 0.08Kw, while the maximum power of the pump motor of Swiss ABS pump company reaches 900kw

(4) maximum size of solid passing through: the maximum particle size of solid passing through the submersible sewage pump is generally d=50 ~ 150mm, while the maximum particle size of the submersible sewage pump produced by felois pump company in Germany is d=35mm, and the maximum particle size of solid passing through the submersible sewage pump of Disco Filo company in the United States is d=460mm

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