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Performance requirements of industrial grease in metallurgical industry

in the use of industrial grease, the metallurgical industry not only has a large number, but also has strict requirements for performance and quality. The production process of metallurgical industry can be roughly divided into three stages: ironmaking, steelmaking and rolling. The continuous operation of billet continuous ball equipment is characterized by high temperature, high pressure and multi water conditions. Generally, due to structural and environmental problems, the grease used in metallurgical industry refers to the grease with various lignin, which is not equal to the grease of roller in terms of thermal stability, and most of it is centralized lubrication

the roller bearing is affected by the radiant heat and heat transfer load of the billet, and the shaft temperature is high. Even with water cooling, the temperature of the roller bearing in front of the furnace can reach about 200 ℃, and the temperature of the roller bearing of the billet is generally 100 ℃. The roller table is affected by the impact, rolling and other alternating loads when the billet passes, and the industry and mining are very bad. The secondary outer bearing is also affected by dust and cooling water spray. Therefore, the roller bearing grease should have the following characteristics:

1, extreme pressure or impact load resistance

2 if the above conditions are normal and high temperature resistant

3. Excellent water resistance, rust prevention and corrosion prevention, so the profit strain curve of the material or package has good water drenching resistance

4. Good pumping performance

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