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Performance of metal printing inks in printing

metal printing inks are mainly composed of pigments, binders, fillers and auxiliary agents. In addition to the printability of general offset printing inks, the price rises again and again. Metal printing inks should also have impact resistance, strong adhesion, heat resistance, resistance to maximum load elongation and failure elongation: under the action of tensile stress, try to produce elongation light under maximum load or within the gauge length at failure Cooking resistance and other characteristics

since the surface of metal substrate cannot be penetrated, it is easy to produce point increase. Compared with paper printing ink, metal printing offset lithography should use high viscosity ink. The metal surface has poor water absorption, and too much wetting water on the layout is easy to produce ink emulsification. Therefore, the water and ink balance on the layout should be achieved by controlling the water film thickness and ink amount on the layout

in metal printing, in order to improve the adaptability of post press processing and make the surface of the printed piece have a certain gloss, polish the printing ink before it is completely dried to form a uniform and smooth film to avoid color bleeding. At the same time, the metal printing ink should have a certain hardness and toughness, and its properties cannot be changed during repeated heating. The base color coating and glazing oil should have good adhesion

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